buying used from let-trade

  1. i just recently found out about let-trade and was wondering... are all his items authentic that i should bid/buy without any doubts?

    i looked at the site and noticed that on some items the buy it now price has gone up today as compared to yesterday. is that normal? i'm little confused what that price really means - does the price go up as more people bid on it?

    i've searched and read about different threads on let-trade and it says to email him before you buy. so it that how you are suppose to bid/make offers, or if you wish you could just input paypal info and buy with the buy it now price?

    a newbie here... please enlighten me. :P
  2. I have recently bought 3 bags from him...and at resonable prices. They have all been authentic. The prices change when he puts them on e-bay. First he lists them in his store...and then to e-bay within a few days. The prices in the store are with shipping and handeling included. I have had a great relationship with him and they have always been curteous to respond to questions. If a bag price has not been listed yet~ you have to contact them for item specifics. Hope this helps:flowers:
  3. that does help and thank you but in terms of the buy it now price chaning, i was looking at the epi pochette in mandarin and blue and they were both 169.99 but today i looked and the mandrin is now 249.99. could it have been a typo and he fixed it?
  4. I recall the Mandarin being 249.99 for some time now....because I thought it was strange that it was so much more than the blue.
  5. ok lame me. my eyes must have tricked me then. thanks for the clarification!
  6. I agree~ the mandarin pochette was and has been $250. ish as I too have been watching that one...not going to buy, but have been looking:shame:
  7. I am slow on this. Does he have his own store online? I have been thinking about purchasing from him also.
  8. never mind, I had the link.
  9. so are we all in agreement that his items are all authentic? (i'm little paranoid so i want to make sure if i buy i'm getting authentic items)
  10. Yes all of his items are authentic. I recently purchased a graffiti pochette from him and it was immaculate and the price was unbeatable.

    I definitely recommend him.
  11. thanks that's encouraging!
  12. If you run a search on let-trade you'll see that it has come up many times and that his items are authentic :smile:
  13. All items are guaranteed authentic. I hope you do business with him soon!!! :yes: