Buying used bags

  1. Freaks me out a little, anyone else feel this way? I loving looking on let trade but I don't know if I can get to the point to make a purchase. I'm looking on it now seeing amazing deals but I'm scared, I need help getting over this so maybe one day I can take advantage of a little deal if something I really want comes up.....:confused1:
  2. I actually bought one a couple of weeks ago. The seller had lots of pictures of the bag and described it in detail. It was such a good deal that I decided to go for it, and I'm glad I did. It is definitely "used" but has a nice patina, is very clean and there were absolutely no surprises, plus it is authentic. I'm happy with it and would buy from this seller again. I think the main thing is to look for lots of pics and a $$-back guarentee if not authentic.
  3. i've bought four used bags so far, and i've never regretted getting them. they gave a lot of pictures and accurate descriptions, so i knew exactly what i was getting.
  4. Both my bags and bracelet are used, but in good condition. No regrets at all.
  5. I think I'm more freaked out that another person who I have no idea who it is had used the bag for x amount of time before it was mine. I have this wierd feeling about using other peoples things. Not so much worried about buying something second hand, it's the actual who used it part of the "used" part that erks me...
  6. Aww Lola that´s ok! There´s nothing wrong with not wanting to use pre-owned stuff.
  7. I feel that way about houses believe it or not. Especially when you are looking at houses and the seller hasn't moved out yet so all their stuff is still there. That's creepy, to me. Purses...not so much.
  8. yeah, that's actually kinda wierd to me too!
  9. are you looking to buy a discontinued bag? because that would be the only grounds for me to get it used. it's the risk we all have to take :lol:
  10. Mmmm I know what you mean, that's why if i buy a used bag, I make sure it can be cleaned inside and out.After that I'm totally OK with it.
  11. Yep, I would only consider it on discontinued bags, don't have anything that I'm going to buy at the moment, but I really think if I see a vanilla epi piece that I like on let trade I may consider it. I'm not usually agressively searching for discontinued items because of the "used" issue though. I'm also thinking I may want another Josephine in the future too so I'm just trying to get myself use to this idea.....
  12. Cant do used purses me purses are kinda of really personal for personal it makes me feel uneasy....even though, I wish I could get over it to save some serious money...but just cant!:rolleyes:
  13. i dont really like the idea of used bags. it freaks me out cus i dunnoe wad the bag went through
  14. I will only go for bags that will less likely show signs of wear and tear, such as epi, damier and suhali. That way I can trick myself into thinking that I didn't buy a pre-owned bag.
  15. Hi, I usually go frequent Thrift Stores, and specifically go and look at the purses. (I can't do the shoes), but the Purses I like something, I buy it even though it was used. And I know this does not compare to LV lol. But guess I'm just saying, I'm ok with buying a used purse. And just buying it from ebay a bit scares me, but I've bought numerous things that I'm really happy with. And I definitely prefer retail purses being new. :yes: