Buying ur own...

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  1. who buys ur jewelery?is it all gifts or do u buy some itself?
  2. After being married nearly 20 years, I would way that WE buy it. DH knows that I have particular styles I favor (who doesn't) and it's best to let me choose what I want. If we both like it and he says ok, then I usually make the purchase.
  3. Ditto for me =)
  4. I buy my own jewelry. Sometimes it is a gift from family or boyfriend, but for the most part I buy my own fine jewelry!
  5. I buy my own jewelry too... i think sometimes my parents and my bf would buy a couple but most of the time I would get them myself :smile: I know what i want :smile:
  6. My DH buys a lot of it, friends buy it and I buy it.

  7. I don't buy my own. I CHOOSE my own, but I prefer it to be gifted to me for some reason! LOL!
  8. I usually buy my own jewelry although occasionally my DH will give me a gift certificate to Tiffany. My mom has also bought me a few pieces. If I want it, I will just buy it!
  9. I buy my own, I know what I like best, and I don't like to wait for someone to buy it for me especially if it's expensive I don't like to put that on someone else.:nogood:
  10. me too ! I have favorites files on the computer for "handbags" and "misc jewelry" lol and then one "gift ideas"
  11. i think my own collection is about 50-50. i save up some $ when i want something new and i always get something on vaca. DH has bought me a couple things over the yrs, plus my e-ring of course and bands! and my parentals have gifted me some pieces for bday or holidays.
  12. It's always gifts. Luckily my fiance has excellent taste!
  13. i pick out what i want throughout the year and then drop giant anvil hints on the SO over the holidays. i'm very easy to please, though, and not too hard on the wallet lol
  14. I buy most of my jewelry.. But I get some gifts from my family ;)
  15. Inherited some and Mom gives me 'pre-inheritance' gifts (she's always saying, 'let me give to you now so that you're not waiting for me to die!'). Hubby gives me gifts on significant days (birthdays, anniv, etc.) Dad used to give me a whole lot, very precious now he's passed away. And I also see things that I like and then save to get them. Sometimes I don't have to save. It's amazing what you can pick up at Goodwill/consignment shops in the way of jewelry. Funky and trendy stuff.

    What's fun is that now my kids get me some. My 14 year old has given me some cute things--I enjoy wearing them. He has good taste!