Buying unseen, great experience or nightmare...?

  1. Today I saw the greige city IRL and I must say I was a little dissapointed. A lovely bag but I thought in comparison to my beloved INK it was a little blah.
    I realise that I am not good with buying unseen.
    I wanted an ink city but IRL ended up with a work which suits me better now I nearly ordered greige just to realise that I'm not that in love with color.
    What about you?
  2. i bought my magenta first without ever seeing a balenciaga irl. and i love it. but i might just have gotten lucky
  3. i bought my red metallic wihtout seeing any balenciaga IRL. and i love it!!!
    also my eggplant purse which is a total heaven when it arrived. the feelings of receiving the package is just thrilling!
    but all other b-bags i had, i bought them on sight
  4. I bought all my B-bags this year w/o seeing them IRL and I ended up selling 2 and kept 2. Not a bad experience but I got to say buying my rouge vif from Bal NY was my BEST experience. I got a lovely note from my SA and the leather on my rouge vif is TDF!!
  5. I've bought 5 b-bags without seeing them in real life... i think the only one i wasnt really 100% happy with is my Blueberry WORK... but its okies everything works out in the end! :wlae:

  6. I was just the opposite with the Griege - thought it was blah online but saw it at Barney's and Loved it! I didn't buy it that day but was just sitting here thinking of ordering it :smile:
  7. helenNZ, whenever you feel like giving away your blueberyy work, please give it to me :P
  8. I've never seen/touch a Bbag ever IRL when I pursued my first one on eBay.

    All my Bbag purchases are based on pics and good ole' fashion luck (eBay and purse board purchase)... I just always thought that this is the way of buying Bbags. LoL
  9. Both of mine that I bought sight unseen have turned out to be perfect (Rouge Vif & BI Twiggys). My others I hand-selected.
  10. Oh boy!! I hope I don't run across the same problem :sad: I have a greige city from NM on hold for me bc I've been wanting the color for months now...I've never seen it IRL, only from the photos from other PFers...From the pix, I am in love and I hope that transfers into reality!! :yes:
  11. I bought all 3 of my bbags from BNY, sight unseen. I've had the same experience with all of them - basically, a little disappointed when i first get it(don't know why, i guess i set my expectations for the leather way too high, i need to give the little goats a break) and then come to the love the bag the more i use it. my most recent purchase was a black city and at first i thought the leather felt sort of grainy and rough, but after a few days of using it, it's smoothing out and getting more smooshy, although still not as soft as my 05 rouge. eh, c'est la vie.
  12. i've only done it twice.... with the rogue vif, i am very happy, but with the blue india, its a nightmare....
  13. Me_love_purse, what's the BI nightmare? was it totally not like you imagined? I am tempted by the color but have yet to see one IRL - whenever I drop by BalNY they never have any on the floor, everything they get is sent out to pre-orders.
    I've bought 2 bags on ebay, so I saw them in photos. My very first one, grey, was before I really knew what Bbag leather was like, and the bag surpassed my expectations.
  14. I just bought one sight unseen from Aloha Rag. I spoke with salesperson for a long time who specifically described all sides of the bag and the degree of thickness, veinyness and shininess. She described in detail the straps and the opening of the bag. She did a great job - I really like the leather. I did not ever feel that she was just trying to sell me something but wanted me to get what I wanted. Highest recommendation.
  15. I bought my first 2 Bbags (ink city and cornflower first) unseen but the rest I picked out myself or have the lovely firstcalss doing it for me (rouge vif work) but now I'm very friendly with the SA at theresa and they have a nice variety so I pick them myself. The good thing with this SA is she gives me the first shoy on everything coming in and let me choose from quite a few bags of the same colour. I would just buy unseen if I have to.