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  1. Hey guys,

    I am finally going to go ahead and purchase my first Dior. I would like it to be red (all of my other bags are neutrals). I am struggling between the mini be dior and the medium Diorama. Attached are the reds available: the be dior in both reds and the diorama only in the brighter red.

    Which would you choose? Thanks everyone!

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  2. I would pick the Diorama any day! The colour is beautiful and the size is perfect for evening or day time use :smile:
  3. The Diorama but only if you already own a Chanel Classic Flap and want to add to your collection. If not, spend the bit extra for the Chanel, never old, never dated:heart:
  4. Are you planning to use your bag every day?

    I have a Diorama but for me its not an everyday bag. Mostly because I bought the lambskin style. I recently got a Be Dior bag. I feel like it holds more than the Diorama and I don't have to be concerned about over stuffing it. Sorry I wish I could be more help. I love both styles. :heart:
  5. I have a Chanel reissue 226. That is the one issue I have with the diorama: I feel like it could be dated in a few years. The be Dior to me is very classic!
  6. What size do you have? Do you find it heavy?
  7. I have the medium size in both bags. I don't find either of them heavy.
  8. I like the brighter shade of red on the Be Dior :smile:
  9. Oeh, though decision, both bags are gorgeous.
    However, I have a personal preference for the Diorama, love the design and look of that bag!!
    From the two Be Diors, prefer the darker red one. Not an average shade of red, but it looks so chic, especially combined with the pale gold hardware.
    Overall, good decision on getting your Dior bag in a striking colour. They have such beautiful ones, in my opinion getting it in a neutral shade can be a missed opportunity (if you already have your neutrals covered).
    Good luck deciding, looking forward to your reveal!
  10. Thank you for the heads up! I also just read they will be discontinuing the be dior...not sure how I feel about that.
  11. might be to do with the poor construction/complaints because of it/ having to repair a lot because breaks so quickly etc etc
    what did you end up buying?

    i would love to see your bag when you buy it eventually
  12. Haven't bought yet. Seeing someone post that the be Dior is being discontinued made me think a little harder about my decision!
  13. #14 Jun 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
    :smile: I know what you mean. Although I'm not sure about it being discounted, I wanted to add the Be Dior to my collection. I'm not sure if anyone had issues with the Be Dior bags made for the spring 2016 collection. I've had no issues so far.
  14. That red Diorama !!!!! I love it !!!!!!
    I am saving for a new Diorama - they are my favourite bags hands down, even over my Chanels - I adore the bag