Buying tomorrow but need urgent help! Colour or Rosie HW's Chloe Faye.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm a new poster to the forum! I've just become besotted with Rosie HW/s Chloe Faye bag. I've googled it to death but can't seem to tell what colour Faye she owns? I found one website describing it as a python/beige Faye, but from trawling all the shopping sites I have never seen a "beige" Faye in any combo.

    I found a Python/Motty Grey on one website which looked on my screen to be exactly the same colour as hers, but I also know the Motty Grey suede on leather looks like a way different colour than the bag she owns. Later, I saw a python/tannish red that looks like hers - but the name of the colour confuses me because the tannish red in suede/leather combo looks a much deeper reddish brown than what she is carrying.

    Does anyone know the exact colour that Rosie HW is carrying? Is "beige" the accurate/Chloe term of the colour she owns? I googled a couple of python/beiges and they would look darker in some photos than in others.

    I'm particular bc it's a big investment that I want to make tomorrow ASAP bc I've been deliberating for so long, but also because I've often found tan/reddish tan coloured bags to NEVER match anything I own. So I want to be sure I'm getting the exact same tone she has!

    Attaching a photo of her Chloe Faye for reference. Thanks PBers!! :smile:
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    Welcome to tpf!!!

    Rosie's bag is from last year's Spring/Summer collection and is beige with Python flap but I have seen the motty grey & Python combo in person and it's a gorgeous bag! The reddish color is quite darker then Rosie's......I see Neiman Marcus has Rosie's exact bag on back order and says it will be available 9/7 if you wanna wait for Rosie's exact bag...
  3. Aw you are such a sweetheart, thank you!

    I really was hoping to hear that re the motty grey/python in real life. There used to be several Chloe stores where I live, but unfortunately in the past couple of years these have progressively shut just as I returned from London - so unfortunately no way of browsing them IRL. Have to pay a hefty fee to return them so I wanted an opinion before I took the dive.

    I had fallen in love with the bag because of the colour I saw Rosie carrying. Neiman Marcus don't ship to my city, also I am a little impatient (haha, but will wait if motty grey/python sucks). In your opinion do you think the motty grey/python can hold its own next to Rosie's bag? Also do you think it'd be an easy shade to match? I ask because I've now realised they don't photograph consistently across websites/even within the same website!

    Thanks so much in advance!
  4. And P.S. I SAW YOUR YOUTUBE REVIEW! And liked it. And followed.

    I really tried to do my own research before resorting to this forum as a last ditch attempt before I stressed myself out over shedding that much cash!

  5. So glad you liked my review :smile: Don't ever apologize for asking for help here on tpf, that's what we're here for! Here is a picture I took myself of the Motty Grey in the medium size as I was very tempted by it. The only difference is the color tone where the beige is a little lighter and the grey a little darker but I'm sure if you show these two bags to a majority of people that no one could tell the difference....

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  6. Thanks! That's so very helpful. Going by your description and the photo then, am I correct to say that the Motty grey is a bit of a beigey grey?

    In any case I think I'm quite sure I'll take the plunge. Except in trawling I found another one which was in "chestnut cream"?? These colours by retailers confuse me bc I have no clue if these are the official names given by Chloe or if in fact the chestnut cream is a "beige" as it looks awfully like it to me!

  7. The Motty Grey is a beigey Grey for sure and I didn't care for the pictures of the Chestnut Cream either but I've never seen it in person...Hope you love which ever you decide on :smile: