Buying Toki on eBay


What's your experience buying Toki on eBay?

  1. It's truly EVIL. I never buy Toki on eBay!

  2. More bad than good experiences.

  3. More good than bad experiences

  4. All great. I love buying Toki on eBay!

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  1. It seems like lots of people call it EvilBay. I guess I've been lucky. I've only had good experiences buying Toki on eBay. Everything I've bought/won has been authentic, exactly as pictured & described and shipped very quickly with a tracking number.

    Plus, it's enabled me to find great placement and older prints (since my Toki obsession only started this May with Adios Star).

    What has your experience with buying Toki on eBay been?
  2. i've had pretty good experience as well.. i got my first toki off eBay, a l'amore gioco.. it was a lil under retail, bnwt :smile:

    actually, i haven't had any bad buying experiences with toki yet.
  3. The thing I like about buying Toki on Ebay is you get to see the print placement before you purchase. I've only had good experiences so far. I only paid above retail once and it was for something I really wanted, so for me the price was worth it. :tup:
  4. I've had good experiences as well on ebay. You just need to know your toki. What is fake and what isn't. I only go with sellers that have good reputations as well.
  5. I've had good experiences for the most part. There are some "snooty" sellers or sellers that don't communicate well (or at all)... but overall, I love buying stuff on e-bay because you get to see exactly what the placement is (unless the use a stock photo, of course) and sometimes you can get great deals - which we never get here in Hawaii.
  6. :lol: @ evilbay!! I made that up!! Here's why...I was bidding on an adorable adios star zucca...for once in my life I won the auction for a reasonable price...well then the seller goes MIA and nothing for like 3 weeks!!! Turns out I get shafted and I get a notte canguro & an adios star bambinone in the mail! :wtf:

    Lesson learned...NEVER buy from a BRAND NEW Ebayer!! I figured everyone starts somewhere...I emailed the seller a few questions before I a response right away...I figured I'll give them my business...bad bad bad choice!!

    Other than that horrible experience I :heart: buying toki on ebay b/c you can see the print placement, that's my favorite part! :p
  7. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? What did the seller respond when you told the her/him that a canguro and bambinone is NOT a zucca??
  8. omg that is a horrible experience!! especially knowing how much you're into AS. but you got your lovely one in the end.. :p

    yea i've mostly dealt with reputable sellers with good pictures. i know what to look for & i don't usually go above retail.
  9. That is really terrible! I'm curious were you able to ever resolve the matter with the seller and get what you were suppose to get?
  10. Maybe it's some kind of strange Toki algebra. :confused1:
  11. It was the funniest thing b/c Tokidokilover and I were engaged in an ebay war but we didn't know each other then :boxing: and didn't know we were bidding against each other!! I won and paid right away and then 3 days later ebay removed the item saying it violated some policy and I got an email saying I didn't have to pay for it!!!! :wtf: I was mad :cursing: I paid immediately upon auction end and 3 days later they said I didn't have to pay and they yanked the item. I still don't know why but that seller had some other bags up, dooneys and coach and a lot of people got nothing!! So in the end I was thankful I got something for my $$$ but we always joke it was like a lotttery and we say it's an equation Zucca = Bambione + Canguro ... I mean :wtf: and ebay was of no help at all b/c they said I shouldn't have gotten anything since they pulled the auction down!!!! They really do suck and they wouldn't help me get the contact info or anything saying the auction was that's when I came up w/the evilebay term!!!
  12. Ebay is really the only option for me in Canada. I bought my first Toki today and the seller was very nice and emailed me afterward to let me know when it would be shipped.
  13. my experiences have all been good...i just got an adios star MM from ebay :]

  14. Oooh, is it the one with Sandy and Latte on the front?? I was eyeing that one, even though I don't think I'd buy anything AS.
  15. I've both bought and sold Tokidoki on ebay and have had only one minor glitch. The seller used stock photos and I had no clue. The bag was still nice but missing my favorite character. But no loss to me I turned around and sold it on LJ for exactly what I purchased it for. The seller did offer a refund but then I would have been out shipping both ways.