Buying the same pair of Chanel sunnies in a different color?

  1. I have these Chanel sunnies in black, the ubiquitous mother of pearl ones.


    I love them to death. So much, that I'm thinking of getting the same pair in white or pink :shame: Is that weird? :p Should I maybe try and get another style in white or pink? It's just that these are so face-flattering and make the best headband ;)

    Now, what color should I get if I go for it?


    Or white - I can't find a photo.

    I'm leaning toward the white... I had a pair of white OP Athena sunnies, and I loved them! :heart:

    Opinions? Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. I used to buy the same pairs of shoes in different colors and still have trouble not doing that but I have stopped. I think glasses are different, though. It's much more difficult to find something that is flattering for the face. So, if it works for you, then go for it.
  3. I like the white ones! there's nothing weird w/ getting the same sunnies in a different color. especially if you love them to death!! shoot, i'd even get the same color as a back up pair!!
  4. Thanks, Coachwife ;) I really want to buy them in a light color for spring/summer. LOL, buying sunglasses for the season. I've lost it :rolleyes:

    LOL D&G... a backup pair! Never thought of that, but I do know a few people who have dropped sunnies in the toilet :yucky:
  5. I don't why you shouldn't buy the 2nd pair in different color. You already know it looks good on you. Go for the white one!
  6. Wow love the pink! I think it's a good understated pink (if the web pic is a match) and I can see it flattering your skin tone. Although white sunnies show off a tan better!
  7. Those are my exact intentions, muahahahaha :graucho: :p

    Thanks, ladies - I thought I was a bit nuts for wanting the same pair in a different color, but I do the same thing with sweaters, tanks, tees, etc. Why not sunnies? :p I think I'm going to go for the white... I think :shame: I'm just so tempted by the pink! Eeek.
  8. Gorgeous!!! Get both!
  9. Not weird at all - and you would like great in either the white or the pink - (personally - I want the white ones) - :yes:

    You know I have the brown ones and they are my favorites - I often think it would be nice to have them in another color too. :shame:
  10. White! I'm not a fan of colored sunglasses. =P
  11. Nothing weird about it. You know the shape works well for your face, so go for it.
  12. You gotta go with what works! I would get the white.
  13. More reassurance! You guys are a bad influence :p If I get them, I'm going with the white. I miss having a pair of white sunnies, especially for summer!
  14. But don't you think that white is a little, britney/paris??
  15. I personally haven't done it but if i like them enough i would get 2 pair of the same style in differents colors. I say get the pink they are very cute.