Buying the same bag in another colour.

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  1. I have a rule that I don't buy the same design bag again in another colour because I'm worried I would use one more than the other.
    But there's always a reason to break a rule & now I have lemon Roxy I am seriously thinking about getting another in a different colour.
    I'd like to hear from those of you who have loved a design so much you've bought it again & again in different colours. Do you find you use them all or does one or more sit in the wardrobe unused?
  2. hi sj i adore the ledbury i have it in printed oak with brass finish -thinking of getting the croc keyring to match but i am wondering if mulberry actually know the keyrings do not fit the handles
    i wanted this as a bag charm so may have to tie it on with a leather thong.

    i also bought the ledbury in black glove with shiny gold hardware very chic design a very different look to the printed one both mine are lined with internal pocket and feet ( i have not seen my ledbury black glove with shiny gold hardware anywhere else) glad i bought when i saw i did think it was an impulse buy and was more expensive but i love it. the bays is too big for me and the ledbury is just so cute even if it is small in comparison xx
  3. plus the black glove was marked retail at £495 i asked if this was a mistake thinking hey this is the price you would pay for a bays but i was assured the marking was correct for the edition i bought -have you seen any? i will photo and post pics it is gorgeous xx
  4. Hi Bayley - sorry to hear about your magenta drama & the hassle you had re returning it. I wish I'd never mentioned seeing one at Shepton or that I'd picked it up so I knew what state it was in.
    Do you find you use both your Ledburys? I'm a real impulsive buyer - I jump in without thinking it through so often, so I want to be sure before I take the plunge & buy another Roxy.
  5. i favour one over the other but this is just me i buy because i like then think ooohhhh its too nice to use- have you ever heard of anything so daft. at least if you have more than one in a design you love you will be ok if they ever decided to stop making that particular model xx
  6. SJ - I used to have a very pale pink bays then I got an apple green tooled bays and then an apple green Roxy, then an apple green blenheim. I ended up selling all of them but I am still lusting after another Roxy. I know some people have the same bag in dif colours but I love having different things to choose from. I must say though, of all the Mulberry bags I had I loved the Roxy the most, I think it's far more casual than the Bays and if you love it get it!
  7. I think its ok to get the same bag in diffrenet colors
  8. dont forget your 28days that should help you make up your mind:heart: as for the hanover not to worry it was great of you to think of me and let me know it wasn't up to you to tell me the condition the s/a should have been more clear and pointed the defects out to me xx
  9. Hi Rosie! Apple green Roxy sounds gorgeous, do you regret selling? If you did buy Roxy again what colour would you go for?
    I remember the apple green colour, it was lovely. The SA at Shepton told me it's long gone now & they won't get any more through now. It's definitely a colour I would have considered for my second Roxy.
    At the moment I'm toying with aqua, white or a lavender one (if I could find one).
  10. if the style works you can't go far wrong xx
  11. oohh lavender roxy sounds lovely. as for the apple shade i got told by the outlet that this shade had a tendancy to turn brown during age/wear don't know how much truth there is in that i was tempted to buy a bag in it can't remember the name now but this put me off when she said this :confused1:
  12. The apple green was gorge! I found the tooled at Bicester and then went about a month later and they had the Roxy so I got that, then I sold it to fund my Paddy. I sold the Blenheim as it was too small for me. I think it's the best colour they have done apart from Oak, however, whereas the oak gets better with age, the apple goes a faded yellowy colour which is not that nice. If I were to get another Roxy I would love the original tan as I think that Mulberry make the best tan out of any bag designer by far but I have a tan paddy and a tan Fendi Mama so don't need it! If I sold a bag I would defo but one! I just love the way everyone knows what the Roxy is but it i not tacky or over -done if you know what you mean? And you don't associate it with footballers wives!
  13. Oooh that's interesting Bayley, I hadn't heard that about the apple. Lavender does sound good doesn't it - I know it would be a colour I could carry all year. Only thing is I do have a lavender Martha messenger - now we're into another issue of whether it's daft to have two bags the same colour!
  14. i missed out on the aqua ledbury in glove unlined to add to my ledbury collection at the outlet for £206 have you seen any floating around i went for a coffee to ponder and when i returned convinced to buy it had gone to some other lucky mulberrytier xx
  15. Bayley - I'd have been marching around the shop stalking the person who'd snapped it up from under your nose!
    Rosie - please God the footballers' wives never catch on to Mulberry!!!!