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Buying sunglasses without box?


Feb 20, 2009

today I was at an outlet which sells BV sunglasses. I wanted to buy one, but there was no BV Box with it, the SA wanted to give me a GUESS-box. Now I'm not sure if I should buy it without the original box. She told me, it is normal that there isn't a box for every sunglasses. I love the BV boxes (saw them on pics), but the glasses would be a really good deal: original 323$, now 102$. But without box? Can I get an empty box? But it would be more than the glasses, am I right?

Please help, I don't know what to do. :wacko:


Jun 20, 2008
I've seen several BV cases for sunglasses on ebay. They usually go for under $100, maybe around $70-$80. Best to get them authenticated by the experts here first though.

The sale price does sound really good! If you really love them I say go for it. HTH!