Buying sunglasses on EBAY.

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  1. Has anyone purchased sunglasses on ebay? They are certain stores with huge selections and good feedback. The glasses are half the price on ebay in store.
  2. I bought my Coach sunglasses on ebay. They were too small, so I took them into the Coach store to have them sized and they said they were authentic.
  3. I haven't only because of sizing... I know that even if the glasses are the same pair I try in the store they will either fall off my head of squeeze together my temples. That is my luck.
  4. I have not purchase a pair off of ebay before, but only because I love to go into the eye stores and try on a million pairs, and it is usually the ones that you do not think will suit you that look the best on. So, I would say if you have tried them on in the shop and are convinced they are exactly the same pair that is fine, but that is the only time I would buy them.
    Also, has anybody else noticed that depending on how you are wearing your hair has a massive inpact on how your sunglasses look :biggrin: I have a huge pair of chanels, that look great when my hair is very ironed and straight, but if I leave my hair to dry naturally and it has a curl and I put the same glasses on, I look rediculous :smile:
  5. I purchased a pair of MJ sunglasses off of eBay - only after I saw them in the store, and tried them on for sizing issues. However, when I got the glasses, they were too small despite being authentic. From that experience, I've purchased sunglasses in store - too much of a hassel.
  6. i got a really nice pair of chloe sunglasses on ebay, they are certainly real, but they look terrible on me. but that's hardly the seller's fault.
  7. I've never bought but I have sold 2 pairs of Coach sunglasses there..
  8. Well, I want to go to the store , try on a billion pairs. ACtually I am deciding between two and I would buy them from ebay because it is half the price. The seller has about 2000+ score. So I believe they are trustworthy.
  9. I bought a pair of authentic Marc Jacobs 'Rachel' sunglasses for $75 including the leather case etc... I love em and I think it was a pretty good deal. They don't sit too well on my nose bridge though but Im a sucker for them. Btw, they were from the ebay store. Store items now show up on the same page as auction listings. Good luck!
  10. Yes. I bought new sunglasses from an ebay store based in europe. The price + delivery was a bargain as here I would have to chip in an extra $200.