buying stuff for ebay

  1. Do you all ever go shopping specifically to buy items for ebay? I don't mean to create an ebay store, but to pick up items here and there to flog. I ended up selling an extra botkier bag on ebay and made a good profit on it and I've been thinking about selling for a little extra cash. I'm fortunate to be in New York where there are a lot of sample sales, but I don't want to be one of those women that you see at sample sales who are buying 10 items with the intention of selling them online. (They are just way too aggressive for my tastes.)

    -- deborah
  2. I find that selling on ebay consumes so much time that it would not be worth it--the photographing, the packing up (and ruining a manicure), the lugging to the post office or UPS. Between the ebay fees and the paypal fees, a significant chunk of what could be profit is gone. I usually feel okay if I break even on something I don't want anymore or just lose a little. But even if I sell something at significantly less than what I paid for it, at least I feel it's a way of getting something back for my impulse buys. I would not want the anxiety of putting money into things I knew from the beginning that I didn't want but would have to sell. I just am grateful to have ebay to sell all my other stuff and I do admit though that I am more likely to impulse buy because I always figure if I get home and don't want it a week later and can't return it, I can always put it on ebay.
  3. Yes... I buy sample bags ALL THE TIME... and also when i hit the outlets, I try to find some of the better coach items to put on ebay. hehe
  4. Yep, I do :smile:
  5. No, I don't, because I just don't have much time. I sell on ebay sporadically when I have something that I don't want anymore. I'm a great bargain shopper, though, always finding great deals, so I've often thought that I should start buying things to resell on ebay.
  6. I used to do that a little years ago but it's hard to do unless you are very familiar with the item's saleability, competition and making sure there isn't a trillion other of the exact same thing up.

    Buying designers (Chanel/Citizen Jeans/ St John) from sample sales works well, though I wouldn't have the time to do it.
  7. Good Question!!! I Don't Personally......But, I Know So Many People Who Do. I Think If You Can Make It Work For Yourself It's A Great Thing.
  8. Sometimes, but sometimes if you try to flip an item - you may end up at a loss. I find that with all the fees, I'm tempted less and less to do this.
  9. I do this as well...not often but sometimes. I once found a bunch of Junk Food tees at TJ Maxx for $7 and resold them for $20. I think this is a great thing for spare cash...I do it to fund some of my bag purchases.
  10. usually, I tend to buy stuff that I sorta like, so if I get stuck with it, it doesn't matter LOL