Buying Shorter Strap for the Musette Salsa Damier?

  1. Hello
    I bought a Musette Tango Salsa in the Damier pattern through a local classified ad. It came with the longer strap and being petite, this is hitting uncomfortably knee level. I called the LV store locally to see if I can purchase the strap separately and was told that it was not do able. It's either you buy the short strap or the long strap and the strap is not interchangeable. I browsed thru Eluxury and do not see a short strap version. I'm sure there is a way to correct this issue. Please advise.

  2. I have the tango with the long strap, and as I posted in another thread, I am just going to get another hole punched in it so I can wear it on the shoulder and have it hang at the right level for me.
    Looking at it, I would say that the strap could not be easily changed either.
  3. I'm sure LV can replace the strap for you for a fee - call them and ask.
  4. Perhaps they were sold out at the time.
    I know that as recent as the end of last year, the Damier Musette Salsa was available in 2 versions: one with the long strap, and one with the short strap. So, unless LV very recently discontinued the short strap version, I'd recommend that you call your local store to ask them to locate that bag for you.