Buying shoes while pregnant

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  1. I am itching to get new shoes but I am afraid that they won't fit once I deliver. This is my first pregnancy so I don't really know what to expect as far as feet go. For those of you who have experience in the matter, would you recommend buying new shoes during pregnancy? Not? TIA!

  2. I had 3 pregnancies ... I went from a 6.5 W to 7.5 medium. The hormone that relaxes the muscled & allows for pelvic stretching at delivery (and ain't that a lovely phrase to ponder?!) can make feet spread out :sad:. Some women don't have any size changes - but you won't know until it's all over. On a positive note, the shoes I wore during my pregnancy all slowly stretched, so I can still wear those few pair. Other than that, I replaced all my shoes & donated my old ones. I have that & cable internet to thank for a closet full of almost entirely 'new' shoes (none more than 4 years old).
  3. That's for the help. I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

  4. ohhh that is a frightening thought! Changing shoes sizes after pregnancy :crybaby: I don't know what I would do if I didnt' fit into any of my shoes anymore!
  5. Buy More:yahoo:- LOL, I used to have about 20 pair pre-baby. By the time they were all too small, internet shopping had all grown up. Now I probably top out over 100 pair of fabulous mid-range shoes for any occasion.

    How to create a shoe monster in 1 'easy' lesson.
  6. Some women's feet get bigger during pregnancy and stay that way, some get bigger and go back to their previous size afterwards, and some don't change at all. It is almost impossible to say which you might be.

    My feet went up during pregnancy, but didn't stay that much bigger afterwards. I permanently went up about 1/4 to 1/2 a size, which just makes it harder to shoe shop because I need to buy some shoes bigger and some the same size. I was probably a full size up for a good 6 months after delivery, and then my feet started getting closer to pre-pg size again.

    So you may be in flux as far as shoe sizes for for a while!