Buying shoes on display?

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  1. Hi fellow chanel lovers

    I am just wondering if you would buy a pair of shoes on display but that's the last pair/ size in every store?

    I know somehow it depends on the exterior, whether it's super worn or scuffed. How about if the inside is also scratched but not the outside?

    Please share your experience or circumstances you will or will not buy the shoes (given that it's a luxurious item and no discount of course).
  2. If its the last pair in my size and I really want the shoe then I would have no problem buying a display. The inside scratched would not bother me and if I really wanted the shoes the outside scratched wouldn't bother me. I am normally quite fussy with items and always prefer to buy bags/SLGs that have not been on display but with shoes I view them more like an everyday item which is going to get used and damaged anyway.
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  3. Yea why not ?if esp u get a discount ?like the above mentioned they will be worn anyway
  4. I wish there was discount. Then I won't mind buying the worn or scuffed shoes from Chanel. Lol.
  5. Right... One side of the shoes is a bit worn or bigger (if that makes sense) as if someone with bigger feet has tried them on and stretch them a little.

    I don't know why I always prefer a brand new out of the box.

    How about bags?
  6. I definitely prefer brand new but having bought many pairs of chanel shoes over the years I know how quickly they sell and then they become impossible to find (especially in the UK where I'm from). I end up buying from personal shoppers in France or the US and paying way over retail to get the shoes I want. So if they are available I just buy them even if they are the last pair. If they are common style that will come back in stock (classic colours of ballerinas or slingbacks) then I will wait.
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  7. In my experience all my Chanel shoes tend to stretch quick easily especially if they are lambskin. It becomes inevitable with use so if they are too stretched for you now then I wouldn't buy them. If they are stretched but comfortable then the other shoe will no doubt stretch to match with use.
  8. I generally won't buy anything on display now. I have had a couple of rubbish experiences. my reasoning is that there will be something else I love just as much around the corner so I refuse to settle.
  9. That's the story of my life. I wear a size 36, and guess which size shoe is always on display?
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  10. I prefer to get a brand new pair from the back, but if it’s the last pair in my size (at the store and company wide), I would purchase the display, especially if it’s hard to find. Which was the case with my last pair of boots from Chanel, it was the last pair from the previous season! A scratch on the inside wouldn’t bother me, but if the outside was damaged I probably wouldn’t. I know they’re shoes, and wear and tear is inevitable, but paying that much for it, I would want to be the one doing it.

  11. Chanel shoes aren't the cheapest, so if I was buying, I would prefer to have a brand new, pristine pair.
  12. I would not buy a full price shoe (or anything for that matter) if it has obvious wear on it, only something minor inside would be okay. Any external scuffs or problems or stretched out, unless they offer a discount I find acceptable I would just forget about it and find something else to buy later.
  13. This has happened to me several times. I’m really bothered when one of them is bigger. I never buy them. It gets uncomfortable. Uncomfy shoes = Makes me moody = stuck in the closet. And these were for shoes on sale! If full price, never will.

    Bags however is different. I always request new. But I might still get it if there’s a scratch on the inside. Esp since Chanel always only has 1-2 pieces in stock.
  14. I settled once for a pair of Chanel espadrilles. It was the beige with black cap toe pair that everyone and their mother coveted. One shoe was slightly stretched because it was the floor sample (size 36) but other than that, it was in great condition. I was okay with it because I really wanted that color combo. No regrets afterwards.
  15. Absolutely love the boots and the belt. May I ask where you found the belt?