Buying sheets-Need advice

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  1. Does anyone have knowledge on bedding...sheets...etc?

    I'm trying to find thicker white sheets that feel like nicer Hotel sheets. I like that crispy, cool feeling rather than silky soft. Is that percale?

    Any advice would be appreciated. TIA
  2. Yeah, I think percale is what's going to give you that crispy feel. I've got Egyptian cotton sheets, and have tried bamboo sheets, and both are silky soft.
  3. Thanks Tammy518.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences w/ percale?
  4. Not with percale but egyptian cotton is amazing. The high the thread count the better they are. Can get pretty pricey but the comfyness is all worth it!!
  5. Thanks princessaj0603,

    I have my eye on some percale egyptian cotton at Restoration Hardware. Just wondering if anyone had any experiences with percale.
  6. OMG Restoration Hardware is the BEST place for sheets...they are really really nice!
  7. No advice from me, but I agree with you that some hotels have the best sheet and duvet combos. It feels so luxurious.
  8. i buy sheets from, the higher the thread count, the less silky..sometimes they have to be washed a few times to get the desired feel.

    600 tc and over are nice
  9. YOu can get a nice set at Bed, BAth and Beyond for about $60. I think it is called the Hotel Collection or something like that. If you watch for the coupons, you can get 20% off. The coupons are EVERYWHERE. They are often on sale for $80 and then you use the coupon on top of that. I refuse to buy really expensive sheets because my husband picks at his fingers until he bleeds and he gets it on the sheets. I know, it's gross. Sorry.
  10. Not to hijack the thread, but how about a fitted sheet for a really deep mattress? The deepest I have been able to find is 18", and that barely makes it.
  11. Thanks everyone!

    I think the RH will work for 18". The ones I want are 379.00 for a King set. They are made in Italy. I am really bummed that I missed Friends and Family @ RH! :sad:
  12. I have been hearing great things about Macy's Hotel Collection 600 and 800 threadcount sheets. Bloomies Hudson Park are supposed to be the same sheets.. folks say skip the 500, go for the 600, and 800 if you want to splurge.

    They seem thicker than Restoration Hardware's ...I have the whole set of Paradigm 464, but have not washed them yet.

    Macy's has that coupon sale right now.
  13. Thanks Decocritter!

    Has anyone ever heard of Thomas Lee percale?
  14. there's one hotel chain, either Sheraton or Marriott, where you can go online and buy their set of linens. I can't remember which one it was, i just remember my boss coming back from a business trip where she stayed at a new sheraton or marriott (probably marriott) and loooooved their sheets and comforters and was told she could buy them online on their website.

    edit: found it! it's marriott

    if that doesn't work just goto
  15. Thanks everyone for the help!

    because I have to spend on other people right now...I didn't get the RH sheets and duvet cover that I wanted....maybe on the next F&F. ;)

    I ended up ordering the sheets from Thomas Lee, and the duvet cover from The Company Store. If anyone is interested I will post reviews when they arrive.