1. Does anyone buy purses from outlets to purposely sell on ebay? Is it worth it?
  2. For some items, it may be worth it, but the market prices change so often that doing it in bulk is not really worth it. There are quite a few Coach resellers on eBay that do this, so the competition is chop chop.
  3. I think you have to be VERY knowledgable about what sells best on eBay and what's considered hard to find.
  4. Someone on a different forum who used to buy Coach from outlets to resell on eBay said that the Coach outlet store that she frequented had stopped letting her enter their store for that reason. Therefore, I'm led to think that Coach probably doesn't like resellers very much ...
  5. Well sure, and I wouldn't either. You have to figure that while they buy a lot, they probably return a lot as well. It's people like that who will ruin the unlimited return time policy for the rest of us one day, mark my words.

    OTOH, if the stupid outlets would just do charge/sends, then the people who aren't near outlets and rely on the resellers to get stuff for them wouldn't have to do that anymore. I'm just saying.
  6. I thought about doing this a few times but the prices at the outlets were not the best. The Big sale items looked trashed and not ebay-able. Plus, Ebay was saturated with so many of the same bags that the outlets were putting out at the same time. It was a crap shoot and what's the purpose if you only make 20 bucks or so on a bag. The outlets really should send bags out. Then everyone in the US has access to them.
  7. Amen to that!
  8. i only sells my things on ebay. and some of my friends who doesn't have an ebay account and feeling it's such a hassle, so they asked me to do it for them.
  9. I usually sold items from outlets but competition is getting tough nowdays.... I can hardly make any profit and with the ebay final value fees and paypal fees, its just not worth it anymore..
  10. nop...not worth it...
  11. I've never done it but I would say it's probably not worth it unless you have some sort of secret, special arrangement that undercuts the prices even further or allows you access to extra special stuff.

    The average Coach or Kate Spade outlet seller is in a sea of sharks. :wtf: So many sellers with the exact same merchandise at the same time for the same price. That's not worth it.