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  1. hi, i am also LV addicted like veryone else here :graucho:

    I used the purseblog forum a few times to discuss/ask for authentic items. I do have a few items that i want to sell, and i would like to buy a new bag for my birthday (it was yesterday haha) Last month, Someone has sent me an invitation to the selling forum, but i dont have it in my mailbox anymore :crybaby: , and the forum is only for invited members....

    Can someone (like John) sent me a new invitation please???

    Thank you verry much!!!

  2. I believe you have to apply after you have 500 posts plus 5 months of active participation. Vlad has put this at the top of the PF for members to read. Hope this helps:smile:
  3. You have not been a member long enough to be invited into the MP. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.