Buying / Selling LV is CRAZY!

  1. :confused1: Honestly, I think it is very intense... I bought the Rose Spring Street (as we all know) and it's an objectd'art in my bedroom, but I REALLY wanted the silver, cause it's so tough, anyway, I found a silver and am in the process of purchasing it... then, I'm checking into
    Louis Vuitton-Anon:graucho:

    However, someone just emailed me from Hong Kong saying that she sees how much I love Spring street and that she had the Rose, but her boss convinced her to sell it, and she did and now she totally regrets it because employees aren't allowed to buy discontinued items...

    So, I felt so sorry for her that I offered to sell her my Rose Spring street, since I'm getting the silver....

    Okay, I'm going to a Vuitton-Anon meeting, and I seriously hope it helps...:hysteric:
  2. Is that the rose Spring Street from Let trade? I guess the girl that contacted you works for LV, kinda confused, how did she get your email??
  3. :drool:I just looked at let-trade's site and he has a gorgeous spring street in lavendar.

    Yeah, how did that girl get your email? That's strange!
  4. She works at Let's Trade... The lavendar is $479.00... It's TOO fabulous... I feel bad posting this, don't wanna get her in trouble, maybe Vlad should delete this thread... Vlad????

    She was soooo sweet, and employees aren't allowed to buy their items... I feel really bad for her, she just emailed me and said she can't afford it... I feel like the ugly american. I quit. We all have more purses and stuff than we ever need.... (except I didn't have a collection till I started this), but I think my purchasing days are over... I just feel really bad for her... please don't report her or anything...:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    but, I still LOVE the Spring Streets, someone should nab that lavendar, but it ain't me....
  5. I can't imagine what it must be like to live in Hong Kong? I'd love to go visit there someday... I think there's a HUGE class difference a lot of rich and a LOT of desperately poor....
  6. I don't understand, how did she get your email address?
  7. I'm sorry but maybe you should re-write this posting b/c its not clear on what the situation is. If that's not clear then the advice ppl give you won't be worth anything.
  8. Could you post the link fo Lets trade?? I can not seem to find it!