Buying/selling Chanel missing cards or hologram - thoughts?

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    If there was a bag w/o the sticker inside would you buy it?
  2. depends where you got it from? was it from a botique? if so then i would go back and ask for an exchange. if from eBay...then no way!!
  3. i guess i will exchange it at Nordstrom if they have another one, but i doubt it
  4. no, I wouldn't keep it. I need ALL documentation, matching authenticity card, hologram, etc. . . .
  5. no, wouldn't keep it, to me it's kinda like buying a 14k gold bracelet without the 14k mark etched in it
  6. If it's the last one, I would keep it. Authenticity in my eyes isn't defined by the hologram sticker or the 14K mark inside a bracelet... any decently honed eye would be able to tell by the material, craftsmanship, etc.

    However, if you regularly sell your bags, you may need the hologram sticker.
  7. thanks everyone. i guess if i don't plan to sell it, it's ok to keep it. but i rather receive all documentation like Swanky said.
  8. I would not keep it- I am crazy about having all the documentation too.
  9. I have never checked for the hologram sticker or if it long as I buy them direct from the boutiques.

    The reason is...those holograms could fall off with time, some might choose to rip it off because its like wearing a bag with the tags on it...doesn't seem as "right" as it should.

    Good luck deciding!
  10. I would return it, so many stores are having an issue with people buying a bag and returning a fake (NM big one is fake Chloe bags being returned and no one checking)....if it was the last one, then maybe it wasnt meant to be...


    good things (with hologram stickers) come to those who wait.
  11. If I got it from the store, then no I would exchange it right away. If I knew it was authentic and acquired it somewhere other than the store, sure I'd keep it, it is a STICKER after all. It can fall off.
  12. I got mine in a butique in another country (we don't have any butiques or department stores that sell Chanel in my country) and it wasn't until I got home that I realised that I could't find the hologram inside my classic flap. Then again, the fact that I haven't found it doesn't mean it isn't there - maybe I'm just bad at looking, but I haven't seen it at least. Anyways, I don't really have a choice when it comes to returning it without spending lots of cash on travelling, so I've kept mine, and for me it doesn't really matters, beacuse I know it's auth and I'm not planning on selling it or anything anyways. However, when I buy my next Chanel, I'll try and see if I can see that it has a hologram sticker on it just in case I'll have to sell it on a later point.
  13. it's the last one. and new more shipment coming in. thanks luccibag and sweetlove for making me feel better.
  14. My thoughts too !
  15. ^^ np. Enjoy your bag :yahoo: