Buying Scarves Online vs In-Store

  1. Does have ALL the scarves available for sale in the US? Or does the store carry scarves that are not available on line?

    I live less than 3 miles from the SF store... but I've heard that it's the "store of nothing" so I don't know if that applies to their scarf department?

  2. There is much more in the store normally. The H website has only a small fraction of what is available in real life.

    Plus, it's always good to buy a scarf at a store because you may find that a scarf that you admire online for some reason does not work for you. The Hermes SAs are often great in finding the right scarf that works for you forever.
  3. It depends on the store, most stores I've been to have fewer scarves available than online. The exception being the New York store. They have scarves that are not available online.
  4. I don't think is all-inclusive by any means. SF has a small but decent selection of the latest scarves. My strategy is to find a design I like, then I call the store to find out what colorways they have or if they don't have it, they'll check their system to see if other stores have it and order it for me and ship; in your case, they can just inter-store transfer it, and you could just go to the store when it arrives to save on the shipping. shipping costs are in-line with the store shipping fees--they're pretty killer.
  5. Thank you hello and HG. Hello, you're located in Europe, right? Maybe there are more scarves to choose from in the continent?

    The scarf department in SF doesn't look very big... the Madison shop definitely has a far greater selection.

    Thanks Orchid for the tip! But the site doesn't have the name of the design... so do you just describe what the scarf looks like to the SA?
  6. Hi DC, yes it's possible that there is more to choose from in individual H boutiques, PLUS I visit H mostly when traveling, so do a fair amount of shopping at airport boutiques and they are usually very well stocked with scarves!
  7. Does the reference number on the H website help when you are calling around?
  8. I was wondering about that, too... How do people find out the names of the design? Is there a catalog available?

    Thanks hello... next time I travel I'll be sure to stop by the airport stores!
  9. I know that on, if you add the scarf to your shopping cart, the name will display - I believe it does this before you have to commit to the purchase...

    I ordered 2 new pocket squares this weekend and got a call from a lovely man named Chris today telling me that one was already unavailable... but he is waiving shipping charges on my other for the trouble!
  10. Yes, the reference number at is a unique identifier for THAT design in THAT colorway, albeit it is a pain to remember

    But, if they have what you want on line, get it there and avoid the calling

    But, if they have the design that you want but not the colorway, then that is a different matter since, after all, you will not have seen the color to know what you are getting.

    Some Neiman's will send scarves on approval ie they are charged to your account and you return (for credit) the one you do not like. Great if you have an NM account but can rarely get there

    IMHO, NM s quite willing to work with you an scarves & call you when they arrive
  11. I was told that at each season, the scarves are released in 2 - 3 installments, depending on when Paris ships them out. So, it's never possible to have the whole array of a particular season's collection, in all available colourways at one time due to this movement in inventory.

    I also agree that has more scarves at any one time than the stores.
  12. Unless you already know the pattern, I find it difficult to tell what it is really going to look like IRL. I was fooled by one of the new patterns. I was all set to buy from the site and then decided that I was going to the boutique that Sat. Good thing I didn't buy it. The boutique had it in plisse, same colorway, and it was soooo much better. Would not have been happy with the flat. The site doesn't really show the plisse scarves that well.
  13. Lost my favorite scarf. Fuscia trimmed silk chiffon pocket square with feather print. Bought it at the Tokyo duty free Hermes at the airport. Sad sad scarf loss. It was hands down my favorite.
  14. I have to believe that
    - stores below the equator sell different scarves at the same time as those above (due to the seasons being reversed)
    - Stores in different regions select different coloways for sale, eg Asia chooses to sell different colorways than the US