Buying & returning for discount?

  1. OKAY so I was planning on waiting and buying the Legacy Leather Satchel on the next PCE, but with the Coach website being updated it is now gone. Would it be wrong to purchase it now at full price and keep it unused until the next PCE and then return it and rebuy it with the discount?? I know a few stores around me still have it but I'm afraid it won't be anywhere when the next PCE comes, and the closest outlet is about 4 hours away. I'm only asking because I've been after this purse for awhile and it would hurt me financially to buy it and keep it at full price. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. wouldn't they be a little suspicious if you took it back and turned around 2 seconds later and said Hey! now that I get 25% off, I want it back....

    I would just wait until PCE if you can't afford it now.......
  3. AFAIK.. Some people did do that for the last PCE.. I don't think there is anything wrong with it.. and understand that you really want the purse..but don't feel that it would be around long enough for PCE to roll around..

    Need a second opinion.
  4. that's the problem, it's gone from the websites so I'm thinking that it's going to be gone from the stores later on. I want to purchase it NOW while it's still available and not use it until the next PCE. I'm just unsure if the workers will even do that...
  5. I would call JAX and see how many they have in stock. If stock is low, then I would buy now and return later but if they have plenty, I would wait until March PCE.
  6. You can always just call them anonymously and ask. XD
  7. It would depend on the invidual Coach store's policy. Some stores might be willing to do this but they would probably only do the adjustment if you purchased the item 2 - 3 weeks before the PCE event's start date. I'd call your local Coach store beforehand to see if they'd be willing to work with you on this.
  8. Thanks for all of your help, I'll let everyone know later if I end up buying it. I'm going to the store today so I'll ask around while I'm there. My luck is that it probably won't even be in the store anymore...
  9. I'll never undserstand stuff like this. I don't know how much that bag is specifically, but how is 25% so different? So, $400 will hurt one financially, but $300 won't?

  10. it will be $830 with out discount, $620 with, so the $210 does make a big difference for me. Even small amounts like this do affect me, if it wouldn't affect you that's great, but it would me.
  11. if you have that much money to spend on a purse at one time go for it! good luck!
  12. :shrugs:
  13. I don't see anything wrong with that.. last time I bought a Carly about a week or two before I got the PCE card and I hadn't used the Carly and I took it in and they said no problem (however I ended up just returning it instead) Another thing you could do it get it now and then if they still have them during PCE just buy one and return yours. That way you know you got the bag and you also get the deal. Best of both worlds. :tup: That is a huge savings.
  14. that was a rude comment. :tdown: Yes, $100-200 savings is alot for some people including me.

  15. I'm glad you said that, when I first read Julianna's comment about that I felt a little embarrassed for asking in the first place...

    but it does make a difference for me too