Buying Replica Bags - My Hard Learned Lesson

  1. I wanted to share this with you all because this is a topic that not many people are willing to talk about openly because first of all it's a bad choice and second of all, why not get the real deal for a few dollars more. If this thread is allowed to stay here, I'm hoping that anybody who is about to resort to a replica website for a designer handbag will think twice after they read what happened to me.

    I am a normal hardworking person who wants all the big time designer handbags just like anybody else. The problem I was having was affording all the items I wanted. So when I found a website that had what appeared to be a beautiful handbag that was identical to the real deal at a fraction of the price, I thought, I'll try this and it'll be my little secret. - This is where my trouble began.

    I ordered the bag and I was under the impression that the purse I was ordering was the bag that was shown on the website. After about three weeks of waiting and no handbag, I began contacting the customer service email and go no responce. The 800 # listed was not working properly. I was beginning to get very irritated. After I let them know that I was contacting my credit card company to take the charges OFF my card for fradulant charges, the bag was finally shipped.

    Once the bag arrived, it was not what was pictured on the website. The quality was terrible. I knew it wasn't going to be the best in the world, but Wal-mart was looking better at this point and I'd been charged over $250 at this point + shipping and handling.

    There was no way to return this mess and now I had this charge on my credit card that I wished would go away.

    What I want to say to anybody who is desperate and you feel like you might resort to one of these sites, is don't do it. Many of these website use false advertisement to bring people in who want these things. They do many unscupulous things and they are hard to crack down on. I put myself in a position to be taken for a ride because I went there.

    I just wanted to tell all the hard working people out there who are wishing for that special handbag that might seem out of reach to continue to save for the real deal and don't let some jerk mess you up. I'm not afraid to say I was stupid at one time and I've learned my lesson. I'm sure they are not all like that, but who is to say they're not?
  2. I hope you contacted your credit card Co{?}
    They will do a chrgeback for you:yes:
  3. That's a hard lesson to learn- something to beware about on eBay too- not all the sellers are honest. I've gotten a few duds that way- but I don't spend much if I'm buying on eBay.... just because there is no assurance....
  4. that sucks! awww... thanks for sharing.
  5. I totally agree with Swanky. Your credit card company will be able to help you. I had a similar problem recently. I purchased a couple of pairs of jeans from a website that I was unsure about. I figured that if there was a problem as far as authenticity, I would return them. It took my order 3 weeks to ship, and only one pair of jeans arrived (and they were fake:yucky:). Their customer service was completely useless. I was told at least a dozen times that they credited my card, but I didn't get my money back. I got fed up and called Citi. I am happy to say that I was able to get my money back (the full amount of what I paid), but it took a few months. It was a hassle, but I wasn't going to quit until I got my money back. Good luck with your situation!! I know how you feel.
  6. Well, I should have never done that but I did. I should have called my credit card company but I didn't.

    As far as eBay goes. OMG how many fake handbags can you see on there these days? I do not trust to purchase hardly anything on there anymore. If you get a fake on there, then I suppose that's even worse than buying a fake from an online store.
  7. did this happen this year or a long time ago?
  8. That's why I would NEVER EVER buy things online. Never.
  9. Thank you for sharing this experience. I too, hope that others who are thinking of buying a so called replica will heed your warning.
  10. PurseManiac...

    Awww... I'm so sorry this happened to you. I have a merchant account and as far as I can tell if someone charges you back (which means they dispute the sale with their credit card company) the company you purchased from is debited the amount of the charge plus other fees... and it helps put them in a position of eventually *losing* the ability to take credit cards if enough people do this.

    Call your credit card company today and tell them what happened, and just say "I need to dispute a charge on my card" and they will instruct you what to do from there.

    If the bag doesn't look like the one in the pix... it's all the better in your favour. You can claim you did not receive what was advertised. You should not have a problem claiming this at all.

    I have seen customers do chargebacks going as far back as December 2005... and this was yesterday I received this information. The credit card company will side with you. The merchant really has to go out of their way to prove everything they've sent you is what they advertised, provide details of the sale (if there is no signature on file you usually win) and then they also need to provide delivery confirmation as well.

    Good luck and please let us know how it turns out. It's not too late. :yes:
  11. I did this last July. And here again, I take full responsibility for doing it. I knew it was a replica. HOWEVER, the replica I thought I was buying is not what came in the mail.
    I'm the queen of buying stuff online. I just DO NOT buy the fake stuff anymore.
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your hassle. Good luck on getting your money back. That's partly why I buy bags for quality and not necessarily the name.

    You can dispute that it wasn't as advertised. They will issue you a conditional credit until the "investigation" is complete.

    FYI - I used to working in Accounting and have had to deal as a merchant with chargebacks. Not as advertised/poor quality credit card disputes are hard to win for a merchant. You should have a good chance just print out the website now in case something happens to the company and take some pictures of you new bag with the date stamp. I would also attempt to contact them and demand a refund and keep records of any contact you make. Many credit card companies require you trying to get resolution (at least one attempt) before they will file a dispute.
  13. This is a great post, and I'm sorry about what happened to you! I'm glad you posted this, I know many of us have been tempted to do this at one point or another. Hopefully you can figure out how to get your money back!
  14. I'm so sorry this happened! Thanks for sharing your experience. I do hope you try to get your money back by talking to your bank or credit card company. Don't give up!
  15. Sometimes the online stores that sell those replicas use the originals' pictures so you cant tell. Sorry about the bad experience!