Buying products at TJMaxx/Marshall's

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  1. I know there's been some discussion about the quality/authenticity of salon brand products being sold and Target and the like, but I'm curious as to whether or not it's a good idea to purchase these products at a TJMaxx or Marshall's.

    I was just in my local Marshall's the other day and saw some Frederic Fekkai glossing shampoo and some Dermalogica products. Does anyone have any experience with products purchased at these off-retailers? Are they old/expired or overstock? I'm needing to replace my FF shampoo, but I'm wondering if it's better for me just to go through Sephora like I usually do.
  2. I used to work at TJ Maxx and the items that they receive beauty-wise are either old, discontinued, or promo items. If you're seeing FF products, they may be from a store that is no longer carrying those products, or they could just be really old. It's hard to tell unless you can get a batch number and verify with the manufacturer.
  3. I'm actually going to TJMAXX today and I was planning on getting some hair/beauty products. My TJ has Big Sexy/Straight/ETC Hair product sets and tons of other pretty cool stuff so I thought I might skip on over and give some of those a try! I think it just depends on how you feel about the certain product. I have gotten gifts of beautiful soaps and lotions from there and haven't had any problems. Just check out the packaging and use your own judgement. Also maybe see if newer shipments come in? You never know. It's probably worth a try :tup:
  4. Since the possibility exists that the stuff may be old, I would only buy stuff that doesn't have a short shelf life, such as nail polish. That's just me though. I always wondered about buying fragrances at TJ Maxx, because fragrances do tend to turn after they have sat around for a while.
  5. I've never bought any hair products, but I've gotten bath & body type items from TJ Maxx and Ross several times, and I've never had any problems with anything. I've also bought facial moisturizers and cleansers a couple of times in the past, and again I never had any issues.
  6. I'm sure they are fine. I've purchased items from TJ Maxx and never had a problem with them. You can usually tell if something appears to be at its expiration, like if the scent is off, color is separating, etc. If that is the case, don't purchase it. They seem to get in new shipments often, so it seems like their stock is able to move quickly.

    I just bought some conditioner there recently, and so did my friend and it's great.
  7. I've bought eyeliner from TJ's before and it was too hard to use. When I bought that same brand at the department store it was creamy and very easy to put on, so I'm guessing the one I bought at TJ's was old.
  8. I wouldn't... I assume that the stuff has been sitting on shelves a long time, who knows how long... so I'd rather not. Especially not face products.
  9. I wouldn't worry about shampoos/conditioners, they have enough preservatives to last until the next century probably. So far I've purchased perfumes at Marshall's - no issues.
  10. I also don't buy skincare products from TJ Max, Marshall's, or Nordstrom Rack. I'm afraid of how they look. Usually I see damaged boxes that have been taped up and products all over the counter. It's really disgusting. BUT!!! I do buy products from Costco. I just feel like the validity of the products in Costco exceeds those the mentioned stores above. They are clean usually in a really hard plastic case that takes forever to open and Costco has such a high turnover that products are now there the next day..