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buying preowed clothing


Dec 25, 2011
Kansas City, MO
I buy 90% of my clothes on ebay. I’ve been doing this a long time; it works for me. I ask lots of questions, because I need exact measurements to ensure proper fit. I also have alterations done on most of my business wear, to make sure my clothes fit perfectly.
If a seller doesn’t respond to my questions, or seems unwilling to answer completely, I pass on the item.
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Feb 28, 2006
I wish I was more successful with my second hand buying. I find it ok when you buy randomly depending what you see and find. But I try to keep a list of needed items and not very lucky.
Im in Europe and only use local listings or Vestiaire Collective to buy good brands. (Acne studios, Tibi, Isabel Marant, Prada…) But the pieces sold are either way old or off, or overpriced if still cool and in my size…


<3 my stams
Nov 1, 2007
mostly at work
I buy both online new and second hand. If I buy second hand, if there are not enough photos or if I have questions I ask them.
If I don‘t get an answer, e.g. after a second email I abstain from buying. Too risky that something is going wrong. Usually if the vendor is trustworthy and your question is normal, they usually answer.

For color assessment I also google the item I want beforehand as the other suggest. Even the brand webpage sometimes get the color wrong or it is displayed differently depending on the device or computer screen you are looking on…

I like other actually prefer buying online even shoes because I don‘t like the hassle in the city, which is usually packed (before the pandemic at least), but even now… I have finally learned what sizes I need from certain brands I buy from and even if you need more assistance, the service usually can help you (e.g. measuring shoes properly etc.).
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