Buying preloved jumbo in Europe and the actual savings vs new

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  1. Hi all and thanks for providing so much useful info here!
    I´m currently researching the market for buying a preloved caviar jumbo (gold hardware, double flap) within the next 1-2 months. I'm based in Switzerland so Vestiaire Collective is my go-to online marketplace as there are plenty of sellers in Europe, but Fashionphile is another site I check regularly and that gets a lot of mention.

    I'm not sure why but Fashionphile just seem to be a really bad deal for common Chanel items in general!!! Example: hubby got me a pair of Chanel ballerina flats this month and they were 590 swiss franc (597 USD) - on Fashionphile the SAME EXACT pair of flats are 650 USD - preloved!!! Same goes for all slg's, a cardholder I got for around 350chf is in the 500usd range etc etc.... are the US retail prices that much higher?

    I'm ready to spend anywhere between 3k-4k chf on the Chanel but just don't find Fashionphile ideal given this observation. Any other Europe gals with insights and input as to where to look and how far the budget will get me? I'm aiming for a bag in very good condition (or excellent if possible of course). The bag currently retails for 5600chf here, so anything over 4200chf for a preloved and I prefer to save longer and buy new.

  2. I never buy from Fashionphile or any other site in the US because I would have to pay about 30% of the price of the item on Custom Duties so this option for me is out. I have bought from Vestiaire many many times and I am very pleased with them. I have also bought from Vide Dressing where you have the opportunity to return the item if you are not satisfied with it. The site does not offer authentication like VC but you can ask the seller to provide authentication by Vide Dressing which costs 30 euros which you decide which one pays. The prices are better there as the commission is only 15% not like VC. Have a try. I don't know what you are looking for but it is a good one in Europe. Also there is Rebelle. That is a very good site too.
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  3. girl you are in europe.... BUY NEW!!! from what i've been reading on here with regards to prices, europe is so much better for everything across the board!! fashionphile is overpriced bc they have to make a profit. i'm in the states and i would not buy from. i see card holders listed for $795 that are only $475 in teh boutiques - ridiculous!!! overall, i think you would save ~20% buying classics in europe compared to the US. i saw that someone recently bought a m/l and spent around $4K there when the same bag would cost $5200 here (after taxes!!). someone else recently got a new medium boy for under $4K and retail here in the states would be over $5500 so the savings was $1500!!!!! incredible. bottom line: if you're in europe then buy new and forget about fashionphile!!!
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