Buying preloved classic Speedy (Price Help)


Aug 3, 2016
Manila, Philippines
I’m eyeing preloved Speedy 25 and Speedy 30 DE canvas. Can you help me decide which piece has the reasonable price? Im from the Philippines btw so i’ll convert the prices
to USD if it helps.

- Speedy 25 DE (Made in USA)
date code: SD1006 (2006)
Price: around USD 591

- Speedy 30 DE (Made in France)
Date code: DU1110 (2010)
Price: around USD 714

what do you guys think?

Edit to add: i already have a neverfull MM in DE which I always use for work. Thinking of adding a classic speedy for a versatile handheld bag i could use for a light day at work or casual days. I’m 5’5 and 125lbs so i think either size should work. Just want to pick which bag is more reasonable in price


Sep 1, 2020
I think you also check the condition too. If both bags are okay go with the size you like. Comparing between the 2, I think the price for Speedy 30 DE is better, especially the year made is newer too. But again, check the condition on both bags.