Buying Pre-Loved on Ebay & VAT

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  1. Hi guys,

    What's your experience when buying pre-loved on ebay (from overseas) concerning paying tax on its arrival in your country? Do you have to pay every time, or is it just on random occasions?

    I'm in the UK and am considering to buy a pre-loved bag on ebay and the seller's based in Japan.

  2. Do a search for customs or duty fees in the forum. It seems that getting hit with a customs fee is hit and miss (and also dependent upon the country it is coming from and the value of the item). I am waiting for my first preloved bag from Japan (it was shipped on Monday) and I'm waiting to see if I will need to pay a duty fee too.
  3. BTW, I am in California. All countries and states have different rules.
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  5. I just recieved my pre-owned bag from Japan and I didn't have to pay... I was worried that they will charge me 10% -20%...
  6. Where are you? :smile:
  7. I'm in the US and have bought many bags from Japan and have never paid a fee, but those purchases were all under $1000. Several years ago I bought a bag from the UK that was over $3000 and had to pay.
  8. It is my understanding that the shipping service can also impact the fees. I have received items from Japan that was sent via EMS and accrued no fees. The item wasn't very expensive, though.
  9. NY :smile: I feel like if they were sent through EMS rather Fedex or Ups, you probably don't need to pay unless your item is above a certain price.
  10. I have been charged ABSOLUTELY every time the parcel has been declared over the limit. The cost of postage is also factored in to the total price so you pay charges not only on the item price + postage cost too.

    For example, on a handbag costing £200 with £25 postage charge then you would expect to be charged £45 in import fees plus the customs clearance charge from the delivery company (which I think is around £9 for Royal Mail and £13.50 for Parcelforce).

    I was hit with 40% of the value of the item with charges on one occasion.

    Remember our import limits are ridiculously low so, properly speaking, anything over the value of £15 is liable to taxation.

    £15 to £135 - VAT due + customs clearance charge
    £135.01+ - VAT and customs charges due + customs clearance charge

    I would never bank on anything slipping under the radar as this is extra taxation revenue for the government. Bank on paying the charges and then anything else is a bonus!

    So if the item is nearly new and priced close to retail then you are, generally speaking, better off buying it new in the UK.

    Hope that helps.
  11. Oh my goodness, this has been incredibly helpful! Thank you so much. This is such a shame for us in the UK with all these great pre-loved items from Japanese sellers :sad: But with the VAT and custom clearance charge, it can make a pre-loved item overpriced. *sigh* I think you are right, I should just save up more and get something new in the UK instead.
  12. Ebay sometimes include the VAT and Duty costs at checkout, however yes not all items are evaluated by customs but due to the amount of counterfeit goods coming from the Far East all packages coming from this part of the world are stopped and checked. This information came from HMRC when I enquired how long some knives were going to take to clear customs arriving from Japan.

    As your in Glashow have you had a look online for any pre loved handbag selling shops in the UK? I know of two in Edinburgh, one better than the other so there must be some through the west.
  13. Depends what you're looking for but there's generally a fair amount of LV on the UK and European sites where you won't get hit with extra charges.
  14. Hey ladies!

    My vintage find for my wife (our anniversary is coming up soon) was this set of Papillon 30 and accessory pouch. Would love to get your thoughts!

    Ps: it was a bit tricky getting a shot of the date code/interior since I only had my iPhone to work with... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855592.997689.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855605.797239.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855617.840369.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855631.141333.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855645.152249.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855657.477737.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855667.833543.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855690.701806.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394855715.896220.jpg
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