Buying Pre-Loved Goyard? Beware of Fakes and the "Goyard Scammer"

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  1. There is a thread in the eBay sub-forum on a woman we call the "Goyard Scammer", but after reading threads here I feel a need to post an alert. There is clearly a lack of understanding about how serious the problem of fakes and scams regarding these bags (and others) is, so please read the following and ask questions if needed.

    After Goyard was bought out and the St. Louis became the "it" bag of 2005/2006, fakes have been produced by the millions. We are talking 1000 fakes to 1 authentic bag out there, and it could be even worse. It is definitely getting worse by the minute.

    The company is exclusive and lesser known, making it even easier for people to pass off counterfeits as authentic to unsuspecting bag owners.
    Fakes range from the obvious fake made with plastic instead of leather to the superfake that looks and feels authentic which requires further inspection. For those of us that look at our designer handbags, it is devastating to learn that you shelled out near retail price for a $50 counterfeit bag that was made illegally and likely the product of child labor.

    As a bag enthusiast and a business owner I eat, sleep, and breathe bags. When I came into the realm of the forum I was surprised to learn that many, if not most of the population is fairly unaware of the existence of counterfeit handbags. Even worse, those who are aware are often ignorant to the fact that any markings, paperwork, or materials used in authentic bag sales can also be counterfeit. Anything…anything at all. It is scary, isn’t it?

    So, below are a list of common misconceptions and scams to help you understand how serious this problem is with Goyard in particular, and how important it is to get your bags authenticated and protect yourself.

    #1. If it comes with tags and the seller has a receipt it must be authentic.
    No, in fact, most counterfeit bags come with fake tags and fake receipts. Counterfeit resellers can use software to make their own receipts. Scammers will steal photos (or actual copies) of other peoples receipts and use them in listings and print copies as proof.

    #2. If the bag is customized of used then it must be authentic.
    No, in fact the trend for personalization created a demand for fakes with customization. Counterfeiters see that people make this assumption, therefore it becomes easier to sell a personalized bag than a non-personalized bag. I have even seen bags that looked like they were painted by the scam artists themselves trying to sell on eBay. Used bags don’t mean anything, as most people don’t even know about the possibility of bags being fake.

    #3. I saw a bag on eBay from a platinum power seller who is a My Poupette seller, so it must be authentic
    No. I have seen sellers with 2000+ designer item feedback list counterfeit bags, all types and colors.

    #4. The seller offers an Authenticity Guarantee and took lots of close clear photos, so I will be fine.
    No. Many counterfeiters and scammers use this as a ploy to instill confidence. They can accept your payment, drain their account, and make off with your money before they even put your fake bag in the mail. Close photos of fake bags are still just close photos of fake bags. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is good.

    #5. The seller says they bought the bag at BG/Barneys themselves so they know it is authentic and they guarantee it, so it must be real.
    No. When fake bags come with fake receipts from those authorized retailers they can easily say “I bought it from Barneys”. People are very quick to glamorize bags by hiding flaws and damage from use to obtain a higher price, and even quicker to claim they are the first and only owner of a bag to make it more appealing.

    #6. The bag in the photos is authentic, so I should be fine.
    No, in fact bait and switch is the oldest trick in the book. When styles are so commonly faked, sellers will post authentic bags and send a counterfeit.
    There are still ways to protect yourself in this situation (see below).

    FYI: 100% of the Goyard bags currently listed on iOffer and Overstock are counterfeit. eBay, Bonanzle, and Malleries are the only websites that offer reporting for removal of counterfeit goods.
  2. Buying pre-owned can be a way to get a great deal on expensive items if you do your homework and ensure you follow the right protocol.

    Recommended sites (still post for authentication): eBay, Bonanzle, Malleries
    Sites to avoid: Overstock, iOffer, and site selling bags w/ stock photos.

    So, you’ve found a Goyard bag on eBay/Bonanzle/Malleries, had it authenticated, and now you want to purchase it. Here is a crash course in how to protect yourself on eBay:

    Know Your Seller: If your seller has less than 10 feedback on designer items, or no feedback then you are at more of a risk. If your seller has a lot of feedback then take time to look at some of the items sold. Use sites like and to research all of your sellers feedback, not just what was from the last 90 days. Use Google and see if there is info online of other buyers who dealt with that seller. Ask around the forum. If there is too much bad info or no info at all you are at a higher risk.
    1. If a seller puts their email address or phone number in a listing it is likely to proposition you to purchase off eBay, losing all protection.
    2. Never use an unauthorized payment method, including (not limited to) Wire Xfer, Check, Money Order, Western Union, COD. This is like handing a stranger cash.
    3. If a seller does either of the above please report it to eBay or post an alert here.
    4. Know that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Learn About Fakes and Common Scams: If you are ever interested in buying pre-owned Goyard, then read about the Goyard Scammer (GS). The GS is a woman (sometimes poses as a man or has her boyfriend assist) who sells fake Goyard and LV, requests unauthorized payment, and has even gone so far as to offer Skype/video chat to inspect the bag you will be receiving. She comes off as personable and comforting and comes off as more of a friend than a professional, but she is a professional liar. She has been banned from eBay multiple times but uses stealing money this way as a supplement to her income and to fund vacations. At least 10 PFers have come forward as victims but there are many more that don’t even realize it yet, and each transaction she does means $400-1000 lost. See this thread:

    Pay Using a Credit Card through PayPal: Many people carry a balance in their PP accounts, which is highly unsafe. You should always keep a 0 balance and pay using a credit (NOT debit) card. If you use your PP balance and the seller sends a fake, then disputing it could mean nothing if the seller has taken your money and disappeared. PP will rule in your favor, but will be “unable to recover the funds”. If you pay with a credit card through PP in the same situation then if PP cannot recover your money then you can file a chargeback on your CC and PayPal will be forced to take the loss. You will likely have to provide proof of non-authenticity in either case, but 2 back-ups is better than 1.

    Check Our Your Goods: Once you receive your item, have it re-authenticated to make sure that you received the same item you paid for. If it isn’t then the eBay sub forum is a good place to post a thread for someone to walk you through how to get your money back if needed.

    This is not fool proof. Even covering all of your bases, you can still fall victim to bag scams. Weigh the importance of saving $ when you bid up an item, knowing that any transaction online is a risk. Never be to careful, and when in doubt ASK! Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    Please feel free to add to my post or ask questions...and pass along the word!
  3. Appriciate the time you took to write this.. THANK YOU!!!
  4. You are welcome! I saw yesterday that 2 PFers were almost scammed by that scammer and now have found that she is posing as a PFer with 220+ posts.

    I will add:

    Just because people are PFers doesn't make them trustworthy. PFers with 5000+ posts have scammed other members. If someone PM's you proposing a sale of an item, please contact a MOD right away, as that is a bannable offense.
  5. thanks so much for all this info...

    this is exactly why i saved and saved, and saved.. to buy my St Louis from the Goyard boutique..:smile: ensuring authenticity.
  6. Thanks for posting this, AmourCouture! I have no doubt that everyone here on the Goyard forum will find this extremely helpful. I agree with cathi, though- I save up and purchase from the source!
  7. thank you for posting this!
  8. This is truly a great reality check for everyone!
  9. Some people are just so oblivious...

    Thanks AmourCouture
  10. You are all very welcome! :hugs:
  11. This is extremely important. I also want to add that just because they come on here to defend themselves also does not make them automatically legit.

    Thank you AmourCouture! I admire the time you take to make sure everyone is well informed about these scam artist. I see your post on the Ebay forum as well and you have helped so many.
  12. Oh, thank-you so much for taking the time to post this, and educate us. I appreciate it! :woohoo:
  13. Bumping this in case others were unaware she's still out there..;)
  14. b-u-m-p;)
  15. How do you tell a fake goyard from an authentic one? I bought mine in barneys and had it monogrammed... and I just wanted to know how to spot a fake...