Buying Prada in Paris airport

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  1. If I purchase a handbag at the Prada boutique at the Paris airport, does it cost less than at their store in the city of Paris? I'm not sure I understand the duty free label at airport stores. I know I can get the VAT back when I leave Europe if I purchase it in a city, but is the tax deducted when I purchase it if I buy at the airport? It is such a hassle to stand in line to get the VAT refund when leaving the EU, and it would be great to not have to pay the tax upfront. Thanks!
  2. I find the city has better prices than airport. You do have vat refund but require waiting in line etc. depends where you live and prices there.
  3. If I buy at the airport is the tax deducted in the store, or do I have to get the paperwork and get it back when I leave EU?
  4. Prada prices at the airport's duty free is net of VAT tax. I find it more convenient buying at duty free as you dont have the VAT hassle and wait.
  5. I usually have a look at the websites price first...sometimes "duty free" isn't actually duty free
  6. hmmm...i didn't know they could pull somehting like that.
  7. I was just in Paris last week with my BFF. I bought LV and she bought Prada (in store). She saved about 30%. The prices are great compared to here in Chicago. The store gave her the paperwork and we just scanned it at the mailbox and mailed it. The refund took 7 days and went directly on her credit card.
  8. I also did as well .