Buying Prada in ebay - advice?

  1. Hi! Been looking through eBay and found some really nice Prada bags. I have never purchased a single thing from eBay in my whole life so I don't know who the real authentic sellers are and who aren't.How do you guys tell one from the other? I've seen some fakes too, don't get me wrong. But some of the bags do look real.

    For those who are frequent eBay buyers- can you please help me out? :sad: What are the list of things/signs I should look for in picking a seller?

    Thank you!
  2. Honestly, there are a million tips to spotting fake vs. authentic on eBay. Unfortunately the fakes are getting so freaking good it gets harder by the day. My suggestion for an "eBay virgin" is to shop elsewhere! Seriously. It's SO risky on eBay these days. I can give you some reputable sellers names, but their bags tend to run at or higher than retail. Let me know if you'd like their names.
  3. I agree, I'd avoid it buying it on eBay
    If you're patient enough, you can wait for a sale to go one like the ones that just happened earlier this summer, though if I understand correctly, that's not rolling around again till next summer

    Or look around and see what the wonderful girls here spot and tell us about! :heart:
  4. Great advice.:smile: Thanks so much! Actually, I've always bought from stores and was always scared to buy from ebay because of the reasons you just stated. It's just that throughout this forum everyone has been scoring some good finds and I was thinking if I should give it a try.

    PradaPsycho...sure! May I have the names of the sellers you know? I could check them out.Thanks so much! :biggrin:
  5. I agree with most girls, Ebay is such a dangerous jungle if you are inexperienced, I would rather spend a little more for my own peace of mine :tup: Good luck with everything, I am sure you will find a bag you love in no time, with the help of the girls authenticating the bags! :tup: ;)
  6. My two favorites are Clarsanna and Ariail54 (store name is Coco's Closet). I got my Prada "Golden Goose" from Ariail54 last summer. It's perfection! :tender:

    Just don't expect any $200 Pradas from either seller. I'm not sure how Clarsanna gets her stock, but as best I've figured out, Ariail54 hits all the sales/close outs for her stock. But it's all authentic. RJConnect (RJC) sells a lot of authentic too, but their prices and shipping are obscene.

    There are some others, but these are the best stocked sellers that come to mind.
  7. Thank you so much! :yahoo::heart: