buying petite shopping tote..need advice

  1. I'm planning to buy chanel petite shopper :love:, but i dont really know the choices they have for it...
    Do u ladies know wat color that they have?and the material?
  2. I saw black w/ gold and brown w/ silver hardware at the NM in SF yesterday. I only saw it in caviar
  3. I've seen it in brown calfskin with silver HW.
  4. ok now I'm in love with the white coco cabas!:love:
    lol it's so easy for me to fall in love with chanel..
    but I think it's too big for me, so i'm thinking about the baby cabas..
    which one is better compare to petite shopper?
    uh n how much the baby cabas?
  5. Both Cabas will be huge/big, neither can compare to the Petit Shopper.
  6. is there anyone know the actual size of the petite shopping tote?thx:smile:
  7. ^ it measures 9.75wide x 9.5tall x 3.5"
  8. thx a lot mello_yello_jen:smile: