Buying perfect placement thru ebay or wait for outlet?


Buying perfect placement thru ebay or wait for outlet?

  1. go with ebay and perfect placement

  2. wait for the outlets and see if they have placement

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  1. i'm torn between getting my perfect placement thru eBay that is less than retail (retail + tax in stores) or waiting for the outlets to see if they have my placement. there's always the risk that the bag is a fake with eBay as well..... what would u ladies do?
  2. I think if the placement is perfect, go for it. You may not be able to find placement that you like as much. Maybe make sure you can return it if necessary,since you're concerned about fakes?
  3. If I see the bag I want on eBay, I'd get it. But of course, I've only taken a chance with a few select trusted sellers. I do avoid anyone with low feedback or several negative feedbacks.

    Also make sure to post here for authenticity if you're questioning it.
    Ask for more photos.
    And check their completed listings to figure out if it may have already been returned for some reason.
  4. It depends how much you *have* to have that bag. There's no guarantee that the outlet is going to have that perfect print or even get enough of the style to sell. So, if it's something you just can't live without, I'd suggest eBay unless it's just outrageously overpriced.

    You can have the item on eBay authenticated in the authentication sticky thread at the top, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.:okay:

    It comes down to how much you really want that bag.:shrugs:
  5. I say wait til it goes to the outlets...unless you know 100% that the seller is AWESOME. Cuz I have heard too many evilbay stories and just do not have trust in anyone I don't know. Well, for toki's just too scary for me because that's alot of money.
  6. if ebay has my perfect placement (authentic, good price, good seller and everything), I will definitely get it. Otherwise you may not find it again. Unless you want to take the chance to wait for outlet...but keep in mind that they may not have the placement you want.
  7. i weigh my options, i have a few dear friends that will scout for me in their various cities and try to find deals for me, and if the bag is older and outlets, i'd rather take my chances with outlets as I've had fantastic luck with Lindsey and always paid lower there than ebay as for non-outlet available I go between friends and then ebay.
  8. Wow, good friends!
  9. wow socprof81, u do have great friends!

    i've decided to wait for the outlets. crystal said she found one and it's reserved for me at the seattle outlet. :woohoo: thanks everyone for their opinions!
  10. I was debating on this when I was looking for a gioco in Spiaggia. Then I saw it on ebay, for less than retail, and I HAD to purchase it. I just couldn't wait to take the chance I would find the same thing at an outlet later on.