Buying Outside Auction: using PayPal!

  1. Hi Girls! Thought I'd run this one by you all. ok - here we go - Spotted a bag on BIN, checked it and the sller out here on tPF and on MaPoupette, good feedback, good bag :love: et etc

    Then I contacted the seller asking her to let me know if at end of auction time where there was no sale, if she was gonna do Best Offer, as I was v interested - just making a straight-up register of interest.

    She came back to me, we chatted back and forth a bit, I made an offer, she accepted. Great!:wlae:

    So, we are going to conduct the transaction via PayPal which I've used no probs previously although admittedly for less outlay, the shipping etc is agreed on, so far, so :yahoo: -but the cynic in me says: is this too easy??? :confused1:

    Am I missing something here?
    Any any tips or advice??????? :confused1:

    I don't want to lose the bag by making seller pee'd off with me, but obviously I don't want to lose my hand-earned dosh either.... any advice greatly appreciated
  2. If you are getting a good feeling from the seller, I don't see any problem with's actually Paypal that offers what little protection there is available...eBay doesn't give you much added protection really...I have done it lots of times with no problems...just depends on your comfort level with the well, use your credit card for extra protection...lastly, if they are a member of mypoupette that is a bonus as there are avenues there to pursue complaints as well...
  3. If the bag checks out, and the seller has good feedback, then you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure that you pay via credit card through paypal (and not paypal balance or debit) so that you have double protection if a problem arises. Good luck and congrats!
  4. Make sure the seller has EXCELLENT feedback and can be trusted.

    You are going against eBay rules and will not be protected by them. It's true, that it's paypal that gets you your money back. However, if you have an eBay auction to linked the transaction to then you have something written down as to exactly what you are buying. Because the seller could very easily send you a lump of coal, if she was dishonest, and you may not have a leg to stand on why paypal because you don't have proof as to what you bought.

    It's risky...
  5. I bought 2 pairs of Manolo's together this way and had no problems.
    The seller ended the auction early and I paid her through paypal
    ETA: You could always send her an email and get her to confirm what she'd be sending you, and for how much
  6. Hi Leanbeenee, llovemybug, bulletproof and jane - thanks v much for advice and input - very much appreciated!
    I've had good connection with the seller, she has a strong reputation, 99.7% over nearly 800 transactions, she has seven years history on MaPoupette which she doesn't want to mess up. Also she's clued into tPF so I bet she doesn't want her good name dragged thru the mud here either. The deed is done so wish me luck - its a great bag at a good price - trackable express shipping - so hopefully all will be well.... fingers crossed
  7. Oh, ok I won't say anymore then. Good luck with the transaction! I hope it works out well and the bag is as described!
  8. She probably doesn't want to have to pay ebay those excessive charges if she also has to give you a discounted price. If you pay via paypal through a CC you are safe.
  9. I've done this as both a buyer and seller. I did it knowing I was taking a risk, but believing trust is important and my intuition mostly reliable. Each time was a breeze, but I would only do it again if my intuition/research about the other party was overwhelmingly convincing as to their trustworthiness. Let us know how it goes.
  10. I too have done this ... it really depends on each situation. Trust your gut!
  11. I've done this too...

    Definitely pay via credit card on Paypal. There's no protection if your item turns up counterfeit. My bag was fake. I could not open a SNAD dispute on Paypal since it was not an eBay transaction. Paypal only cares if the item has not been received.