Buying optical glasses-I need your opinion!

  1. I would like everyone's opinion, please! I'm starting to wear my optical glasses more often and want a second pair.

    The pair I am wearing occasionally are the Chanel heavier looking (black outside, pink inside) rectangular acetate frames. I still really like them, but I want another pair that are lighter looking and just different.

    I tried a pair on that are the thinner, dark, metal frames with lovely strass baguettes all along the arms. I can't find them on the website... perhaps they're an older style.

    The problem is that the crystal sides look silver and I always wear gold. Often Cartier 3-colour gold, but with yellow gold dominating. (Even my Chanel purses have gold HW). If I were to wear these glasses, I would have to make a decision in the morning to at least not wear gold earrings.

    Is that going to become annoying? Will I be sorry I purchased glasses that do look good one me but have silver (looking) temples... if I never wear silver?
  2. When I bought my Chanel eye glasses, I bought the black with the "silver" looking crystals. They did have the same pair, but they were tortoise shell that had the gold crystals. You might want to call around to different stores to see if they have a pair like that. Each store I've been to, has different pairs.
  3. I don't necessarily want the gold crystal arms either. Too much bling on my face! I love earrings and necklaces and would rather have the shine go there, not on my glasses.

    I thought the crystals in clear (which for some reason look silver) looked elegant, but not too 'much.'

    Unfortunately it looks silver...
  4. I am also purchasing my second pair of optical frames from Chanel. I found a good selection on their website. I order them locally. I saw a lot of frames with gold instead of the chrome/silver look. Do you click on colors when you find a frame you like?
  5. these are mine- i seen them online and went into the store and tried them on and i love them
    they are very light weight !!!
    i highley recommend them
    style 3073B
  6. i dont like heavy- busy eyeglasses....either
  7. I like those! I don't think I've seen them.. and I've been trying on Chanel glasses for months now. Everytime I pass an optical store.

    I ended up not getting the glasses with the baguettes on the side... too busy. Although, if I decided to not wear earrings or a necklace the day I'm wearing the glasses, it would probably look great.

    I'm going to keep looking and perhaps I'll run into your 3073Bs, they very close to what I'm looking for.
  8. They are fabulous. I highly recommend these. I actually have a spare pair..
    One in the car and one in the house
  9. Here are mine ...I wear them when I don't want to wear my contacts...I LOVE THEM..I really need to get some more like these in other colors...You can wear these with any color jewelry
  10. Those are gorgeous too!

    They are similar to the ones I already have. I love them, but they have a heavy look and now I want a second pair that are a bit lighter looking, just to change things up a bit.

    The glasses I was considering were much thinner and quite light on the face. It was on the arms where there was some interest.
  11. addisonshopper i have those as well and love them!! :yahoo: although i do find them to be a little bit heavy for all day wear (but that's probably because my other glasses are silhouettes which are incredibly light)........and they come in silver sides, gold sides, black sides, and probably others which is great you shoudl definitely check these out :P