Buying only "discontinued club"

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    Hi All
    I have found that I buy a "must-have" LV, and then one year later see a bag that's discontinued that I fall in love with. This gets repeated yearly. I have not been attracted lately to the new bags, with one exception--the Bloomsbury. Had to have it for a trip to Europe last June, and 7 months later sold it to buy a discontinued Chelsea. All of my bags (6) are now discontinued ones and love them all. Anyone else find that the discontinued LV's bags seem more appealing?
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  2. Me:woohoo:
    I just found me all time "must have" and is delightful gm. I like it alot because of the details infront of the bag :heart::heart::heart: and Im a big-bag gal :happydance:

    And now I really want the "mirada" and "ursula" bag to:woot:. Just found good condition on and they have less 10% than what they have on ebay.
  3. I saw a gal carrying in a Babylone bag into the mall. I didn't know what it was when I saw it, I found it on ebay browsing around. Now I really want one!
  4. I recently found a denim speedy that I've wanted for awhile. She's in great shape and I love her :woohoo::yahoo::woot:
  5. I want a violet Tahitienne. Just afraid of the raw fabric, not the treated fabric.
    Browsing this forum to see if I should treat the raw fabric if I get it.
    I have 4 hours to decide with my eBay 10% coupon expiring end of today!
    Decisions, decisions!!
  6. This is so true for me. The only new piece I have is the Eva. I just bought a Chelsea too. It just seems to me, that the quality was better in the past. I can get a preloved, made in France, multiple zipper, more leather for less than some of the full canvas, no zip bags these days. It just makes sense for me in every way.
  7. Enjoy your denim speedy I got one last year and love it!
  8. What a great idea for a club! Yes! I am in! :woohoo:

    I think all of my bags are discontinued. I am trying to think of one exception and cannot. I bought most of them in the early to mid 2000's.

    I finally thought of one bag I have that's still in production (I think): the petite bucket with pouchette in monogram. That was my first LV bag -- a gift from my husband (boyfriend at the time).

    I have SLGs that are still in production, but not handbags.

    I just snagged 2 discontinued bags today: a black MC Lodge PM and a white Aquarelle Speedy 35! Both were listed as being in excellent condition.

    I do like many of current styles, but I always seem to go for the discontinued styles once they become difficult to find!

    Some day I will post pictures of my collection.
  9. What a great thread OP! I agree, I'm gravitating more towards discontinued models bc it just seems quality was so much better. Don't get me wrong, the empreinte line is to die for but the prices are not really pleasant to deal with, especially when just canvas bags are getting closer to the $2k range.

    In the past couple of months, I've added the nomade lockit, the all vachetta petite noe bucket and the all vachetta mini noe too. Hmm, also a honfleur for a clutch. Previous owners treated it beautifully. What else is everybody getting?
  10. I also bought several bags after being discontinued: Minna Street in framboise vernis, Sunset Boulevard in amarante vernis, Eden Neo in Peach (but I sold it later), vernis Alma PM in discontinued colour Bleu Infini, Wilshire PM in discontinued vernis colours Rose Pop and Art Deco Gris. The rest of my LV family is still in current collection, but I remember I wanted the sunset boulevard for a long time and was postponing the purchase and suddently it was discontinued...
  11. I decided to share my beauties that I bought after they were discontinued

    PS: The Ikat stole was bought as discontinued as well.

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  12. I think my Babylone must be going on 20 years old now. It is the very original leather lined one before they changed the lining to beige alcantara. I also have it in Damier Ebene (special order) although that has the terracotta alcantara lining. Wonderful bags.
  13. I recently purchased a Monogram Bucket GM and a Looping GM, both of them are from Ebay, in Good pre-loved condition. I love them both!
  14. Hi all, have posted this in another club about discontinued bags, hope that's ok? I have three Loopings, the MM has a floppy handle, more so than the other two. I included pics that tell the story I hope. Anyone experience this?

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