Buying online

  1. What are the true purchase prices on Hermes items from reputable sellers? For example, Birkins that retail for $7500, how much can a seller acquire for a used one?
  2. ^That depends entirely on the seller and of course the condition of the bag. You see older bags in good condition sometimes for a little below retail. Not much, just a little. If you are interested in a particular bag, you should post it in the 'authenticate this' thread.
  3. No, I'm not interested in a used bag. That's just my preference. I am waiting on a Birkin from Hermes. I was looking on the internet at this website, and I can't think of the name. Maybe it was createurs de luxe. Their prices, I thought, were above retail. I was wondering if this company was actually selling these bags over retail.
  4. Yes, Createurs De Luxe are sellers of authentic new and used Birkin bags. They add a premium to the store price, which results in the prices you see.
  5. WoW! I guess that company can do that. Where do they acquire their new stock?
  6. That's their business secret but their bags are definitely genuine.
  7. Obviously there are lots of people whom prefer to buy a bag with a "I want it now and I get it now" mentality, so they don't mind to pay above store prices. Stores don't often have these bags like for ex CdL sells and like we all know, the waiting always feels like an eternity...!:yes: