Buying Online - Are there Import Fees/Duties charged for Canada?

  1. Hello :smile:

    Do any Canadians know if there are import duties when you purchase something online on the Saint Laurent website? I sent them an email, just waiting to hear back.

    I am looking at purchasing the LouLou Toy size and on the website the price comes up as $1,689 (Taxes Incl.)

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered from the website and if they have been charged import duties once received? If you have, approximately how much did you pay in relation to the price of your item?

    Thank you for your help! :wave:
  2. I have a feeling that their bags are now duty-free under CETA.
  3. This will be good to know as I’m also in Canada
  4. The YSL site includes duties in the prices, so the listed prices are higher than retail.

    For example:

    It's listed as $4333 (duties included), but it is only $3850 retail before tax. After tax, the retail price is $4350.50, so it's similar to the after-tax price.
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