Buying online and getting someone's scruffy return

  1. Has this ever happened to anyone else? It's happened to me twice. Both times I purchased from large handbag web sites with liberal return policies. I received bags that someone had obviously carried for a bit. Limp, scruffy handles, scratches on the front of the bag, dirt blotches. And the tags were bedraggled as if they'd been pulled off the bag and returned.

    The web sites were gracious about it and returned all that I had paid, though they were unable to send me a new bag. It gives me reservations about buying online from anyone except the manufacturer. Especially when one sees a bag on sale on a Web site one day, it disappears for a few weeks, then it returns to the Web site. Is that someone's return that is reappearing?

    I live in a rural area where there's little shopping so online shopping is best. But returns are such a hassle. Gotta drive 25 minutes to get to UPS. I avoid returning whenever possible. But I just can't keep a scratched and dented handbag that cost a princely sum.
  2. I have read about that happening with some other TPFers, and have wondered about that with Bluefly. A purse is there for a while, disappears, and then reappears! They have a policy that you can not return a bag once the security tag had been removed... but I wonder how secure that is.
  3. There's a discontinued Cole Haan bag that I like and have seen go on sale on a whole bunch of sites (ebags, Zappos, Neiman-Marcus,, etc.). The bag will disappear, then about two weeks later it will reappear. Then it will disappear the next day and reappear approximately two weeks later. Are these returns that keep coming home to roost? Do they keep sending the bag out until some sucker keeps it?

    I've already gotten one bedraggled bag and am reluctant to try buying the sale bag from another site in case I get yet another damaged return.
  4. This happens with Neiman Marcus a lot.......I get nervous when ordering online with them, especially with handbags that are on sale.
  5. Wow! That has happened at Neiman's? I've never had a problem but I do notice when I'm in the stores, that when they have a sale, there is A LOT of damaged goods in the bins. Kind of surprising for a store that loves to talk about perfect they are....
  6. I prefer shopping for my name brand bags at specialty shops if available. The service is much better, I've always gotten fresh, new goods and they treat me like a human instead of a number.
  7. It happened to me with Shopbop once. The first bag I received had no tissue wrappings, no tags, and a couple of marks. I immediately called and explained what happened. And I flat out told them I felt like I received someone else's return. I sent the bag back and they sent me a new one with all tags, the handles and buckles were wrapped and it was factory sealed. I know what you mean about having to shop online due to not having those resources near you. Just make sure you always buy from an online company with good customer service. It can be a hassle to send stuff back but sometimes shopping online can be your only option.
  8. I noticed the same MICHAEL Michael Kors bag kept disappearing from Eluxury's sale section and then reappearing. It made me wonder if it had been purchased and returned multiple times.
  9. Yes I completely agree - I had almost exactly the same thing happen to me with another online company. I always check the return policy.
  10. if they are designer bags, why not post them first at the authenticate this thread before buying. the mods here can help you.

    be careful! there are a lot of online sellers with impressive websites that actually sell fakes! only buy from authentic authorized sellers so you don't end up losing money in the end. we've had a lot of TPFers with sad experiences and losing thousands of dollars.
  11. I the issue here is about receiving authentic bags that have been worn and returned, rather than the matter of getting a fake.
  12. This happened to me once with Neiman's. It kept showing up and going I am sure that it had been returned more than once. :yucky:
  13. The Cole Haan that I returned--with a note reporting that it was scuffed, scraped and had obviously been carried around a bit--reappeared on the vendor's web site with a new slightly lower sale price the very day that they received my return. Was it a coincidence? A different return? Certainly gives one pause. :sad:
  14. Wow. Which site was it? :confused1:
  15. OMG! Exact same thing happened to me with ShopBop!!!! I ordered the LAMB Kensington Notting Hill and while it was supposed to look 'distressed', the one I got just looked used. So I sent it back and they replaced it with one in plastic and even the original cardboard insert. It looked like it came straight from the LAMB wherehouse!!!

    They were super nice about it too. :tup:

    I will NOT order again from Eluxury though. They sent me a bag with a broken clasp, so I put a note inside the bag pocket that said 'please note ~ broken clasp'. When I got my exchange in the mail, they just sent me the same bag BECAUSE MY NOTE WAS STILL INSIDE!!!!!!!! :cursing: