Buying one STYLE of b-bag?

  1. Do you think it's better to branch out or stick with what you love? For me the City bag is the perfect size, I love how you hold it, and I love it's classique b-bag shape. I have a black and rouge vif city and one 2001 le dix bag.
    My next b-bag I think will be a city as well. Is that wrong? Does anyone else have mainly one style of b-bag (in many colors). Should I force myself to branch out?
  2. I don't have quite an extensive collection, but I guess it would just depend on the individual. For me, I know I want a variety and when I get that I think I'll be able to say which style I like best. The city is great though. The more I use it the more I fall in love with this style.
  3. I'm trying to do the one style collection too. So far I only have the black First and the rouge Day. My next conquest will be a black or rouge vif City.
  4. I have a dream to have a bbag of every style. Every season I get a couple bags of different types. I love my twiggy the best. I have my eye on a purse while I can get it.
  5. i don't have any specific, but i tend to different styles girl. although i'm falling in love with the purse style, i don't intend to buy more purse in different colour, i'd rather get it in different style.
  6. i own 2 first, my next is a city. The first is the perfect size for me, but i want to branch out with my 3rd bbag purchase and i selected the city.

    I wanted to purchase a city bc i dont have one. so this is the perfect chance for me to own a city.

    I had a twiggy but gave it up. twiggy is not for me. and im glad i know that now!

    but its all depends on the individual!
  7. So far I have tried out and decided against the first and the twiggy. The city is my favoriate size, so I have it in 3 colors. Waiting for the mini-bowling. I don't necessarily want only 1 style, but want whatever style that works for me. It just happens to be the City!
  8. I own three b-bag (black first, grenat city and cornflower work) and I love the three of them !! My next bag has to be a weekender or purse :yes:
  9. I only have one style, the Twiggy. It just works for me. I love how it's handheld, I love how I can find things in it. It's a cute style and I can't really see branching out. I have sought out 7 so far, so something is working for me. If it's not broken, don't fix it : )

    I wish you well,

  10. i like to branch out, but if there's only one style you like then by all means stick to it! it all depends on what YOU love and what fits your lifestyle. i'm pretty flexible with my bags, and i think certain bags just look great in certain styles. i'm really happy with my twiggy in blueberry... but i think it also looks great in black ever since i saw it on anna kournikova. reds look great in the city style. metallics and bright colors, as well as black of course, look great in the first style. yet for some reason i've never been *crazy* about the purse, box or hobo styles
  11. i only have 2 FIRSTS and i love them both :love: but i dont think i'd get another FIRST unless if it was BLACK... i'm trying to branch out - i've got a FIRST, CITY and TWIGGY and hoping to get a WORK and a DAY/HOBO!!! i like to think i'm mixing things up... BUT if you find a style you LOVE :love: then totally GO for it - where it your way!!!! :supacool:
  12. I have three City bags, although I have tried the Purse, the First, and the Twiggy. The Purse worked, but was the wrong color. The First and the Twiggy did not work for me. I'd love to try a Day and a Shopping, though.

    The City really does work best for me, so far.
  13. I have 4 Work bags and 1 Weekender....the bigger bags work best for me because I'm usually hauling crap for me and my son.
    My next bag will be a Day because I like the shape and the fit. :girlsigh:
  14. I have 3 first, 3 cities, 1 twiggy and 1 makeup clutch. I'd love to get a work and purse though! I tend to alternate the styles so I use all of them:yes:
  15. I have 2 cities, 1 first and 1 purse and my next B-bag will be the work. I like to try a twiggy and a day but I haven't seen them IRL so far. I prefer to branch out and with 2 cities even I like this style the best I'm done. I couldn't justify so many $$$$ on the same style in different colours more than 2. But different folks- different strokes. Go for whatever makes you happy.