Buying one bag only - what would you choose?

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  1. I have just stopped working and am going to stay at home with my 2 children (4 year old and 6 months old). I will sell some of my handbags that I was using for work and would like to buy one bag only. I am looking for something classic, suitable for day and casual wear, not big, (I find my Mulberry bayswater too big and too heavy for example) preferably cross body so I can have free hands to deal with the kids, good quality, something that will not get dirty easily (I probably need dark colour) and most importantly something that will not date quickly. To give some indication of my taste I have some Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch, Miu Miu, classic LV. I also like Marni, I love Bottega and Hermes although I think they are out of my price range. I would like to spend no more than $1500 but will stretch for something I really love!

    As you can see,mixture of everything but mostly bags that are suitable for casual clothes and and styles that last as I can't afford to buy them often. This time is even more difficult as this is going to be the one that will have to last for several years. I am far from being a connoisseur like most of you guys and am open to suggestions..I would appreciate all your advice and if you have pictures handy, that would be great. Thank you all in advance!
  2. I would rec. the LV odeon or bloomsbury. However I have a Burberry dryden and love it (cross body also).
  3. BV Sloane or Large Veneta in neutral colour is fantastic.

    They r my weekend bags and I always feel a bit sad having to change out of then for the sake of 'rotation'.
  4. Oh also the strap stay put and I like shooing with them as they make me lose apetite over all other handbags.

    I can see myself using them for years !!!!
  5. If you can manage the LV Keepall with strap, that would be an ideal diaper/hands free bag. If I had a chance to start over with LV, that would be the one I choose. It looks beautiful on the shoulder and I believe strap is long enough for crossbody.
  6. like all the ideas so far- thanks! they are all nice and simple just what i like. couple of qustions what is the difference betveen these BV bags sloane,intrecciato,veneto? i googled some images and they all look similar to me. Love keepall just worried it is too big? I have a separate changing bag for baby stuff..
  7. I came in to say the LV Bloomsbury, too!
  8. another vote for the lv bloomsbury
  9. oh boy ...:thinking:, well ..whatever it be let it be something you're happy with:smile:
  10. Definitely give the LV Bloomsbury a look!
  11. The Bloomsbury is gorgeous.
  12. I have the Bloomsbury PM, and love it as well. The only thing is, I don't think it's a great every-day bag. It's too small and narrow, and it doesn't stand up on its own. It is wonderful for being out and about all day though.
  13. How about a YSL Rive Gauche? Comes with a cross body strap and can be worn more casually or more dressed up as a tote.
  14. I don't have one but I do like the look of the Bloomsberry. Have you checked out Balenciaga. I have a courier that I got second hand that I paid around 600.00 for. It's big but it a great slouchy cross body bag. I think they have some other cross body styles as well.
  15. What about a Hermes Evelyn or Massai?
    Classic, hands-free - fabulous "mom-bags"

    You should be able to find a pre-loved one for a price inside your budget