Buying on Ebay

  1. O.K., tons of people are on eBay. So why does everyone take a chance buying designer purses when there are so many fakes ? :s
  2. sorry put this in the wrong forum.
  3. Well you can find discontinued styles especially if you're dealing with designers like LV and Chanel. It's just good to be very familiar with your designers and what makes them authentic before bidding. Also, depending on the brand, there is an authentication section in just about all the designer forums on here where you can post questions about certain bags you may be interested in. It gives people more confidence that they're spending their money on an authentic bag and not a fake. :yes:
  4. I agree! Despite the number of fakes on eBay, there are also a handful of sellers that sell authentic designer bags, and many of them are letting go of their barely-used bags for amazing prices. As long as you know the product you're buying or know where to find answers about authenticity (i.e. our Authenticate This threads, as LvBabyDoll mentioned) you should be able to get a few great deals on authentic designer bags.
  5. I guess because this forum shows that there are lots and lots of honest people out there who love authentic bags, buy them and then want to move on. For most of us, moving on often means selling the bags and then we look around to see that eBay is (regrettably) the most realistic and widely-accessed option. So I use Ebay because I know there are lots of people out there who are honest, have a passion for bags and who may be moving on - I love finding them!

    You may want to look in the Ebay forum at the conversation about alternatives to Ebay too.
  6. I have bought many of authentic bags on Ebay for marvelous prices. I learned first what I needed to and I'm happy to say I have never been taken yet. But I'm ultra careful and won't bid if there is the slightest inkling of suspicion. You really need to know the bag inside and out and get a good feel for the seller. And in that case, Ebay is the greatest place for finding new or used bags at terrific prices.
    I am one of the sellers that sell authentic bags at terrific prices so I know there are real deals on ebay. If you know what you are looking for then Ebay can be a Wonderland.
  7. excellent points made above. there are also those of us who cannot afford or are not willing to pay full retail prices. :smile:
  8. hi can u name sellers on ebay who sell authentic bags? so i will look for them and will have a least chance of getting a fake thanks
  9. All great answers, but so often I see people in this very forum saying that they got " took". I guess I just don't know anyone selling valid designer merchandise, so I end up paying full retail.Thanks for the honest replies guys:smile:
  10. i do my research before buying... and it's nice to have good bargains and finding old distontinued bags on ebay.
    so yes :yes: i buy on ebay!
  11. i would love to hear the respose to roobear's ?
    as i'm knew to the purse buying world
  12. Me too. I have never, ever bought anything on ebay because I was way to busy before I joined TPF and now I am just very nervous about it.
  13. Interesting...I would be nervous to buy on ebay too. It's great to do your research but we all know that photos on ebay can easily not be what you are actually bidding on. But I am glad to hear that many of you have had good luck, restores my faith in mankind. My husband tells me I would have to be crazy to buy an expensive bag on ebay so we'll have to see.
  14. Some sellers I have bought authentic bags from: Fashionphile (LV), personalshoppers, orangeme; a few other authentic sellers: senorjayme, deltastew, pinchrosemary.

    I've bought several purses on eBay and once got a fake Prada--didn't have it authenticated before I bid. I take the time to do that now!
  15. I've bought a little and sold a little on Ebay. You just need to be very careful.