Buying on Ebay

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  1. Hi all,

    I am new to Ebay and I live in Asia, where the CHANEL collections here are more limited than the States and Europe. Therefore, the closest to CHANEL latest collection I think Asian women can get to is Ebay!

    I need some help from everyone who has experience on Ebay to share tips on what to expect and advice as well so I know what I should do or NOT do....

    I think this thread might also help a lot of newbies like us to get comfortable with purchasing from Ebay!

    1. What happens after we win an auction and the item we received was not described as on Ebay?
    2. If the seller and buyer agreed to certain conditions before auction is over (and buyer won) and after the seller did not keep his/ her words, what can the buyer do? what protection does the buyer has?
    3. If a buyer wins a bid and the item did not arrive, can the buyer get refunded by PayPal? What if the buyer paid by bank wire/ western union? How can we track the seller from refunding the buyer?
    4. Is Paypal really safe?
    5. If a buyer changes her mind after winning an auction, will there be a penalty charge?
    6. How many times can an item be relisted?

    These questions are just from top of my head... For others in a similar situation and are new to Ebay or you want to share with us your good/ bad experiences, please do!

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. I'll move this to our eBay Forum as these are eBay specific questions, not so much Chanel questions.
    If you do a search, you'll find answers to almost everything you asked though:yes:
  3. I have to say that you can most of the answers to your questions on eBay website, or you can also chat live w/ their representative...

    I didn't have time to read all their info, but I think you just have to trust each other and get as much info as you need to before bidding. If the seller is not answer your question promptly, they either do not care about their sale, or something is fishy, and I would not bother to bid. As far as protection, you are pretty much has none, correct me if I am wrong. All you can do is leaving them a nasty feedback. It hurts their reputation and business, but you lost your money in the first place. Does it help?

    I have sold a few items on eBay. Haven't purchased any but my friends and family do, and I would say they only have less than 1 out of 10 sour transactions. And beside, there is eBay for Asia I believe, hmm, not sure...

    Anyway, check out eBay website, they have all answers...
  4. 1. File a dispute with Paypal, all the instructions are easy and given step by step.
    2. Please elaborate, what do you mean keep his words? There are many instances.
    3. If seller shipped with full insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation, and item is indeed lost, Paypal will side with the seller. Seller can then claim insurance to refund you. If there is signature confirmation and buyer claims he didn't receive, it's buyer's loss.
    4. Not all the time. But it's the best option with ebay at the moment.
    5. You can't do this or get penalized!! Please only bid when you're certain, otherwise please stick to physical stores and not ebay or online.
    6. Are you thinking of being seller or buyer? Item unsold can be relisted as many times as the seller can afford.
  5. What Angela said :tup: I just want to add a couple of pointers for new ebayers:

    1) Read sellers feedback. Not just look at the percentage, but go thru the seller's feedback especially when paying top money! Use this website where you can scan for seller's negatives.

    2) Start small, so if you are new, perhaps buy a few inexpensive items see how it goes, get over that, then go for the bigger fish. Also when you are new you need to start to build your own feedback a little so we USA sellers know what to expect from you too. Many sellers will not accept a zero or too low feedback bidder from another country, please understand it is very risky to the seller.

    3) Customs. You need to plan into your cost - not ask for sellers to send as a gift.

    Now go and have fun 'cause there are some good deals on eBay!
  6. Thank you Swanky Mama of three! I should have done a search before starting a new thread.....!
  7. Your best bet is to pay with credit card using Paypal, even if Paypal doesn't refund your full amount if something goes wrong, your credit card company should do.

  8. Your always so thourogh and helpful in your answers!:tup::tup:
  9. Thank you Angelah for taking time to answer my questions here...
    Let me elaborate...

    3. If the seller and buyer agreed to certain terms on shipping methods and the agreement was not as followed.. what should the buyer do when the item arrived and is stuck at customs?
    6. I was thinking of the seller... You answered my question perfect...:smile:

  10. mmmpurses, I should have known you before I ventured into Ebay! You gave me all the correct answers and advices... Well, I was lucky enough to meet a seller (TPFer) and I had 0 feedback as that was my first buy and she has been really helpful and trusting throughout...
    From your point as a seller, you made absolute sense and now I do understand why all the sellers dosent really want to deal with all the buyers with 0 feedback...

    (I will bear this in mind- Start small, start small, start small....:P)

  11. 1. Inform ebay of this. There's a certain page dedicated to this problem. Also, be sure to pay by PayPal, to help protect you if/when this happens. Go to PayPal's site to open an account, if you don't already have one.

    2. First, contact the seller and see if it's something that can be resolved. If you're unable to resolve it with the seller, inform ebay and PayPal and go from there.

    3. Yes, as long as you wait a reasonable amount of time. PayPal will definitely protect you, but it's harder to make your case if the seller can provide proof that the item was shipped. However, bottom line is that you shouldn't be forced to pay if you didn't get the item. Be sure to spring for insurance on all shipments, especially overseas ones. You have a lot less protection by paying by bank wire, and I don't think ebay endorses payments by WU.

    4. Yes.

    5. The general assumption is that bidders are willing to go thru with paying for items they win. You won't necessarily be penalized monetarily for not finishing a transaction, but do expect other consequences, such as negative feedback or an unpaid item strike. Also, the seller will most likely block you from bidding on their auctions in the future. I DEFINITELY encourage you to not do this. As a seller, it really makes me :cursing: when buyers don't complete their end of the bargain. Also, to look at it from the bigger picture: the more this happens, the more discouraged sellers are from selling on ebay, and the less options there are for buyers.

    6. You can relist an item as many times as you want, but you get only one free relist. Even then, you're credited with just the insertion fee or final value fee (in case your buyer didn't pay and you filed an unpaid item dispute).