Buying on Ebay

  1. Maybe you gals can help me with this question. I have been watching a few bags on eBay and they have ended up selling for just about $7 less than what they sell for on That is after accounting for shipping and taxes on These bags are still in stock and available. Why would anyone buy a bag on eBay just to save $7 on a $400 purse????:confused1:
  2. I think people like the competition on eBay. I think people like the fact that they were able to beat out another bidder at the last second. I'd rather just go to the website and buy my own, that way I know it is real!
  3. for me, i only turn to ebay if i cant get it in stores or at the outlet...kind of like a last resort just because i dont like to be scamed!
  4. i think it's the thrill of the chase, so to speak.

    plus, if you're buying a lot, $7 here and there adds up.

    or people may be using paypal balances, etc...which wouldn't help if buying from
  5. hey - it's still $7 less than retail! I'm all for a bargain! heheh

    also - some people don't have credit cards...makes buying on ebay easier as you can use your bank account/paypal
  6. I don't get it too. Sometimes, I saw the same item with a reasonable BIN price that no one seem to be interested in, but they rather bid on other auctions with a very low starting price but reaching the end of the auction, the price goes WAY over that price, ended up much more expensive than the other BIN auction! I think people just got carried away bidding..? :shrugs:
  7. Also, taxes. In some states, you have to pay sales taxes on clothing. If I purchased a $500 bag on ebay, I would save $45 in taxes. :smile:
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  13. Yes, I don't understand it either. Some folks might not know the item is still available on the website and others might not have stores close by either where the item could also still be at. I wouldn't buy something that's still on the website unless it was significantly less. It's just not worth the hassle factor if there's a problem with the purse. I also find the flip side interesting - why do sellers list current items available on the website for the same or higher BIN prices?
  14. LOL, Prada's Meadow. That really made me laugh!
  15. Same here -- and I read something recently that our sales tax here in Michigan is going up! :sad: