buying on e-bay is safe?

  1. Hi everyone,
    this is the first time here.I wonder is it safe to buy on e-bay.I saw a bag and it looks a real vintage bag,but I am scare to make a bid.Can anyone give some advice?I saw another thread from somebody who bought a bag on e-bay and that one I saw too.She bought with all your help.Thanks.
  2. Hi Flower,
    If you look at the top of the Chanel threads, under Chanel Shopping you will find an authenticate this thread.

    Any bags you see that you are unsure of, just pop a link there, and one of our Chanel genius's will help you out!
  3. Thanks,i will have alook now!
  4. In all honesty, the only truly "safe" way is to buy from a boutique. As someone mentioned, you can used the "authenticate this" forum for help, but as good as those women usually are, there just aren't any gurantees with eBay. I don't mean to sound really negative or anything, but eBay is always a bit of a risk. There are however things you can do to make it less of a one.
  5. 1st thing that came to my mind, definitely NOT!
  6. Yes, yes, yes! Buying on eBay can be safe and fun! I've purchased three Chanel bags, a Chanel scarf, and countless Chanel jewelry. All authentic and all on EBay. Some of us, including myself, are not fortunate enough to live close enough to a Chanel boutique. I shop on EBay using ONLY sellers who sell authentic, designer merchandise (like Chanel for example) with lots and lots of excellent feedback. I know a lot of women on here wouldn't dream of buying Chanel on EBay, which is fine by me because it's one less bidder I may have to bid against...
  7. I have to say that while what this poster says is true, it doesn't mean that eBay is always 100% safe. According to an article on luxury merchandise, nearly 90% of the "luxury" goods on eBay are counterfeits. I just think you have to be smart when buying on eBay and do everything in your power to protect yourself. I really don't mean to be a downer here but I think you have to go in to it after doing research as well as not trusting any and every seller. Some people who sell fakes have excellent feedback as well so I wouldn't just go by that. You may want to post/read the eBay forum on tPF as that also has a wealth of information and eBay help.

    PS you can call a boutique and do a charge send so you don't have to live near a boutique to shop there. I just had to clear that up.
  8. The first thing that comes to mind when reading the thread title is "buyer beware." When you purchase a bag on ebay, you're taking a risk; that said, if you feel the benefit of buying the bag through a riskier medium such as ebay (personally, I only look for discontinued, rare bags/HTF accessories boutiques and dept. stores would not have) outweighs the cost, then go for it, KWIM? :smile: I've found some amazing bags/accessories via ebay, and I'm sure some other ladies can say the same!:heart: Of course, it helps to get the opinions of the fab girls in the "Authenticate This" thread, but ultimately, you assume all responsibility for the purchase when you hit BIN, make an offer, or place a bid. Good luck! :flowers:
  9. Buying on Ebay can be a safe and fun experience. But you as a buyer must always do things to protect your self (and your money), like always paying with a credit card, and if there are any problems, you'll be protected by your credit card's charge back program.
  10. Thanks for all the opions.I think I am goiing to save more money and go to a chanel shop,I don't want too disappoint myself for all that money!
    Another question: which leather do you prefer for a jumbo 255?
  11. I'll buy from the stores if I can. If I have to buy from ebay, I must do a lot of research about the bag and the seller and willing to take risk of losing money. For peace of mind, I avoid ebay as much as possible.

    For leather question, you may want to open new thread to get more responses. I prefer metallic lambskin which is not available in jumbo size as of now.
  12. I bought a red vintage Chanel on ebay. I posted pix in the red Chanel forum, but it's 10000000% real and beautiful. It was a tad nerveracking but once I received it, I was extremely pleased. I dunno if I would take the chance that often though.