Buying on website

  1. Hello,

    I am ready to purchase a bag directly from the Balenciaga online
    website and wonder if there is a way to pay with 2 cards 2 accounts, since
    I don`t want to use my CC to much.
    Also if anyone knows if I call them , if I can do it over the phone or do I
    have to go thru online only>>/??

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. No replies....maybe I should post it on the Balenciaga thread section
  3. Hi J - I don't think you can order over the phone. You can send them an email through the website.

    What are you planning to order??

    They are not really easy to deal with :-s I ordered a bag from them last year and it was super dry so I returned it. They wouldn't even do an exchange. I had to return the one and purchase another immediately since it was ggh I did it! Fortunately the next one was not so dry.
  4. Hi, new poster here but I just wanted to say that I ordered online Sunday. Yesterday morning received a call from my CC company (one I hardly use) regarding authorizing the charge.
    I authroized it but Bal. had already cancelled it.
    Called up, and received great service. She said they'd re-run my card and let me add another order through the phone but this time, with a different CC.

    I also requested same day delivery on the original order. She added the second bag to the original orders delivery so I received both bags yesterday.
    I had no problem doing it on the phone.

    And I want to add that both bags are happy :smile: