buying off net a porter

  1. i would like to buy a black paddy satchel and the absolutely cute black paddy wallet:yes:. it's cheaper if i get net a porter to ship it to me outside the US. but i'm a little worried about buying something without seeing it first. i'm in NY for the summer... should i spring for the extra $300 to get it from the boutique? mmm.;)

    also does anyone know if the black paddy this season is really black or just dk grey/charcoal? black is not a very popular color is it? i don't see many pictures of it here. :sad:
  2. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    NAP have excellent customer service and free returns (not to mention, beautiful presentation boxes); so, if I were you, I would definitely buy from them (especially if you can save by doing so). :biggrin:
  3. thats good to know they have a good service, im thinking of buying a tan paddy from them.
  4. Hi and welcome.Net a porter is the best e-shop ever! If it is your first paddy go for a black one because it is so versatile and matches almost every outfit. NAP used to have a dark grey(almost black) which i got and i have not regretted buying a dark color.But the one the have right now should be black and not grey because if it was they would state it.Good luck in your decision!
  5. Thank you all!

    You guys are wonderful... Net-A-Porter it is!

    I will post pictures once i get it... i can't wait! :yahoo:
  6. I have a choco paddy since March and the other day I saw a woman with the black. It is gorgeeous!! If I had seen it in person before I bought the choc, I am sure I would have chose looks stuinning with all black. oh well, one chloe is probably just not enough..
  7. Just to agree with everyone above NAP is the best, and the packaging
    is amazing, it's like getting a wonderful surprise....even if you know what it is!
  8. I'm also a NAP fan. I ordered the Chloe black trapeze dress and it arrived in 24 hours. Hows that for service! And free returns too so cant ask for much more
  9. I'm a real fan of NAP too! Excellent customer service & packaging, with pretty matching boxes & ribbons! :flowers: