Buying new with cloth tag

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  1. Ugh.. ok guys I'm sorry to have to post this. I really am as I find it to be a grating topic, but I do have to discuss my concerns.

    So my party line: as you all know I'm busting my you-know-what to save for a Neverfull and the purchase is a big deal for me.

    I have wavered back and forth on buying new vs. preowned, purely for financial reasons. Every time I've been a bit confused, I've posted on her and the overwhelming opinion has been to just buy new as there is not a big enough savings to 'justify' buying used.

    So the cloth tag thing. The tag itself really doesn't bother me. The only other LV I own is a French Co. Speedy and not only is its actual construction different, but that one also has a tag in it (paper actually, not cloth or leather) and I've never looked down on it as less than anything but a Louis Vuttion Speedy. I actually treasure it more now because it's such a rare vintage find. So, being that I already own one tag, buying another doesn't bother me. Nor do I care where the bag is made. I guess I like the 'idea' of a MIF, but at the end of the day, my other is MIU of course, so I don't really care.

    But... quality issues? This is the overwhelming opinion that I'm getting from these new cloth tags. That the quality is so poor now? I mean, so poor. Is this really the case? I read on a different thread that a girl bought a Damier Ebene Speedy B new from the boutique and something about it looked "off" to her, and the quality compared to another one that was bought years previously was so bad - the canvas was thinner on the new one.

    I guess I just need some opinions and for people to weigh in on this, because while the cloth tag itself does not bother me in the slightest, paying money for something that I expect to hold up as long as my vintage Speedy, but actually might not, is a big issue for me.
  2. To me..and ofcourse it's just my opinion ;) I don't care about a tag on the inside of the bag. The quality of the bags have not changed...just the tag!! It's like getting a face lift are still the same person just a bit different :roflmfao:
  3. I like that! LOL But how do you know the quality hasn't changed? So many people are totally swearing by it!
  4. What people are referring to is the quality in craftsmanship and material of bags that are produced today vs items from a lets say 10-20 years ago. LV did change their vacchetta leather to one that's much thinner and stated the reason behind it was to make bags "lighter". The same goes for the canvas. Neither the NF nor the Speedy B has been produced with thicker and then thinner leather so you will not find a "vintage" Neverfull. Your choice is to either buy a NF new or pre-loved or go with a completely different design with vintage materials such as the Cabas Mezzo or Alto or the Luco which are no longer produced.
  5. Two of my friends have just bought new bags that have the tag and to me they look no different than my older bags.. and in store when I have viewed bags that i'm interested in...Some have had the tag and the bag itself didn't look different to me.
  6. My DE Speedy has a cloth tag. And to tell you the truth I didn't even notice the tag till I was putting my purse organizer in a month after I got it. :giggles:
  7. This topic gets people riled up, just FYI.

    I think the declining quality has been mentioned across the board, not just with MiUSA. Nothing is going to have the same quality as your Grandmother's speedy. They just don't make 'em like they used to! I think the fun and excitement for saving for your first LV, the cloth tag really won't matter. It will be really hard to find a MiF Neverfull since the more popular bags have had the cloth tag for awhile.
  8. I know when the Neverfull first began production, so I am aware that there is no such thing as a vintage Neverfull (and the same going for the Speedy B). I was unaware of whether or not there had been a quality change since they first began producing them, so thank you for letting me know that there has not been one and allaying my concerns. I don't feel the need to go with a new design with vintage materials, as that is not what is important to me. I just wasn't sure if the older Neverfulls had a difference in quality than the newer ones, 5-6 years later, so thank you for letting me know that there is not one. I know that the newer bags are not being produced with the same level of craftsmanship as bags that are 10-20 years old, but I would like to know that I am at least buying something durable and lasting.
  9. LOL, I know, hence my initial statement that I hate to bring this up, but...

    I know that there has been an influx of complaints against the quality, not just regarding MIU. I was just concerned that perhaps there had actually been a change in the 5-6 years since Neverfulls first hit the scene (or at least since the year the preowned one was made that I found on Malleries, regardless of MIF or MIU). twin-fun actually told me that since the Neverfull began production there really hasn't been a change there. I don't mind the cloth tag at all, I guess I was just wondering if the cloth tag meant the quality would be lower since it is a new bag, and it would therefore be more prudent to buy used, or if the cloth tag was simply that, and the quality would be the same as buying preowned, if you get what I mean.
  10. it's okay OP...that's what the forum is for ;)!!! Its a place to air your questions and concerns!!this place is how we learn all about the brand we love :biggrin:!!! So go get the bag..It's just a tag :graucho:(didn't mean for that to rhythm :roflmfao:)
  11. My Neverfull GM DE has a cloth tag. I don't love it any less :smile: It's authentic.. that's all that matters to me! And the quality feels great to me. I think with anything that's so mass produced, there will be faulty ones. It's the luck of the draw, i guess!
  12. I think the quality would be the same. Also with new you have the excitement of being in the boutique, that new leather smell and if something did happen (within a short period from purchase) they would repair it for free. With a pre-LVoed bag any repairs you'd have to pay for. I think since you are saving, you should get new, it will feel more special and 100% yours. And this is coming from someone buys pre-LVoed. Get it new, you will be :cloud9:
  13. It's not specifically the cloth tag that defines the quality of the bag. I've only been buying LV since 2009 and have only had two preowned pieces in that time, but the canvas is definitely thicker in the older models than currently. The questions on quality have been across the board, not limited to the cloth tag/MIU pieces. The bags definitely won't be the same as what you have now, but I guess the main thing is whether or not the quality -- knowing it won't be the same -- is still acceptable to you.

    Your best bet is, when you have the money saved, go in and have a look and be on the lookout for things that might bother you. Ask to see different bags if you're not happy with the one that's being shown to you. At the end of the day it's your money, and what doesn't bother one person could drive another up the wall and you're the one that needs to be happy with it!
  14. If the cloth tag bothers you, I just called the louis vuitton pittsburgh location-I just ordered a louis vuitton damier pap- which is made in france and the artsy mm- no cloth tag-made in spain. Spoke with killian (cillian) at 412-367-1997. You can call her, she said she hasn't seen any cloth tag, all the bags in that store are stamped, mif, mispain or usa no cloth.
  15. Thank you all so much for the input. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with my decision.

    It isn't that the cloth tag bothers me. It's what I've 'heard' said about the quality issues along with the appearance of the new cloth tag. Another tPFer said that the appearance of the tag and the 'new' quality issues was not a mere coincidence. There are various threads that are floating around and people have a lot to say and are very passionate about what they believe is going on with LV craftsmanship and quality, and it is a little unsettling what some people have to say and their take on the quality of their bags.

    I guess I was really questioning: Is the quality of the Neverfull bag made in 2007 that I saw on Malleries better than the quality of the new one I'm looking to purchase? I guess somehow I fit the cloth tag in there as a factor even though it may not be. twin-fun really helped me understand that the quality of the Neverfull - whether in 2007 or 2012 - was never as good as the vintage pieces since the quality went downhill gradually over a period of time, and not just quickly in the past 5-6 years. (Although I'm sure there are others who would disagree.)

    I think I will go into my Louis Vuitton boutique and try on the bags when I am ready to purchase. If I am happy with what I see that day, I will buy. If not, I may actually just take a walk down to the other store that is in the exact same mall and see if I like what I see there better LOL. If not, I can make some phone calls elsewhere, though I doubt I will since the actual cloth tag itself really doesn't deter me, more what I will find about the bag itself when I inspect it. No matter what happens with the cloth tag - whether it sticks around forever or disappears soon - it will just be a mark of the time period I bought the bag, the same as my French Co. Speedy is a mark of the time period in which that bag was purchased, and that doesn't bother me in the slightest.

    P.S. You can be sure to keep a look out for my future threads about what to look for when inspecting a bag to make sure I am liking what I see and getting one that appears to be made with good craftsmanship. I think it's a little premature for me to start thinking about that now though.