Buying new or pre-owned?

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    I did a few searches, but mostly just saw recommendations on where to sell items.

    How did you decide whether to buy new or pre-owned? I have 2 LV bags and would like to look for a wallet to add to my collection. I'm not sure if I should look for a decent used one since it's an item that will probably see more use than my bags.
  2. I guess it depends on your pocket. If you have the funds, I say buy new.
  3. I personally prefer brand new but I see most people turn to the preloved market when they want something that's disconitunued or they wanna try an item and see if it works for them before shelling out loads of money for a brand new one...
  4. For me it depends on price difference, availability of the original item, and condition. I'll only buy used if it's in new or like new condition. When I can get an unused item for 25-35% off retail, why not?
  5. I have bought a few things from Fashionphile and Ann's Fabulous Finds, that are rare and in excellent to new condition at very good prices. But I usually buy new if the item is still available in stores.
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  6. There are some great deals on the pre-loved market, that's undeniable. However, I prefer to buy new when the item is still in stores.
  7. So I have bought a lot of preowned and it was half good experience and half bad. I just returned my probably final preloved item today. I am picky and fine that I really am a new item girl. Plus then its more likely to be repaired by LV if need be. Preloved pros: helps sustainable fashion/reduce waste, good deals, interesting finds. Cons: can be less clean and have minor dammage not visible in pictures before buying.
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  8. I prefer to buy items from the boutique. I'd rather not have to deal with authenticity concerns. I may buy pre-loved if it's an item I can't buy anymore, but I've been buying long enough that I had the opportunity to buy when it was in stores and I'd rather buy something new.
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  9. For small luxuries, I prefer to buy from the boutique. I think LV wallets are worth the retail price. They get a lot of wear (zipping, snapping), stuffed with all sorts of personal items (photos, little notes, cards), held and set down on myriad surfaces, which imo makes them highly personal items once used. You might enjoy a brand new wallet more. Take your time and have fun deciding!
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    I only buy new and only from LV. I have considered buying a few used LE items that are not available in stores but even those I can’t bring myself to. I worry about odors and other things that you can’t control even if authenticity was to be 100% certain. Also, if I couldn’t afford something from a premium designer or thought it wasn’t worth the asking price, there are plenty of other designers that have lower price points and nice stuff so I’d rather buy those than used LV.
  11. If u have the $ new. If it’s a piece you like but it’s discontinued and price is right, preloved. There’s something awesome about getting a new bag from the boutique. I like the experience. I like talking to the SAs. I like viewing the bags. My kinda fun.
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  12. Many, many threads on this topic. I'm surprised you couldn't find them.

    Some people will only buy new. They will never buy pre-loved under ANY circumstances. Others buy new, but will only go pre-loved for discontinued items. Some will only buy pre-loved if they are saving a substantial amount off retail. Some buy new and pre-loved equally.

    I haven't heard of too many people that exclusively buy pre-loved, that seems to be rare.

    Many people note peace of mind as why the go new (authenticity and not thinking about what the previous owner did with the item)

    For a wallet, you should just buy new. The ones in like new condition will be close to retail.
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  13. I only buy new and straight from the boutique, not online. I want to feel the product I'm buying. For me it's also about the experience and plus the whole return thing as well.
  14. I purchased my pm cosmetic pouch pre loved from fashionphile. I saved about 100 on it. It was listed as being in very good condition due to marks inside. The marks came right out with makeup remover! It was a 2018 piece and other than a minor crease on one leather tab, in perfect condition.

    I was spending under 300 for a preloved item - for a bag or anything over 500 I would go new
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  15. Unfortunately I am not close to a store that carries LV. Closest one is Tyson’s Corner in VA.