Buying new agenda: yellow Groom or Koala

  1. hmmmm...both are mono-canvas
    what to do...what to do ?
    (this is what I think about)

    Any suggestions on what to do ?[​IMG]
  2. hmmm ... what are you gonna carry them with?

    If you had lots of Murakami, Cerises, etc I'd go with Koala since it's more subtle, however if you prefer more "plain" bags like monogram canvas, epi, etc I'd go for the Groom to add some fun. :jammin:

    They both are gorgeous though :drool:
  3. i would go for the groom. its cute, something knew and something different to the normally mono canvas. and not to forget its an limited edition :P
  4. Groom!! I almost bought the koala wallet last year and decided to wait because I really didn't need an agenda right away. I'm glad I waited because I just picked up my groom agenda yesterday and I love it!
  5. Groom for sure. The buckle on Koala is easy to get scrached.
  6. I'd go with the groom because I'd be afraid of what the buckle would look like after some wear and also because the groom is so cute.
  7. ITA.:yes:
  8. the groom. is limited. so you should get it..
  9. I would say get the Groom as well. It is limited and you can always pick up the koala down the road.
  10. I'd say groom too. I just bought one with red and can't wait to get it!
  11. groom!!!
  12. I've been having this exact same arguement with myself, except I want the koala with the pink (rose) lining or the red groom.:shrugs:
    Looks like I'll be getting the groom though, just have to see it next week.
    I don't think the koala is limited so maybe you can get one another day if you still want? Then you can have both.:graucho:
  13. NOt sure how you feel about the Groom in 2, 5 or 7 years time so, a classic is always a classic. My wallet is the pouchette wallet groom but for my cles I went for mono. I have a lot of red to match it with so for me it was practical. i did not get other pieces because I was unsure if I would like it later on down the road. Follow what you think that you will like now and later...good luck!!!
  14. the groom, it's so cute!
  15. GrRrrOOOOmmmmm!!!